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I am just wondering if anyone caught the season premier of BLOG cabin and entered to win this beautiful home on the lake? I don't get DIY here and I am anxious to hear what people think of it so far. Let me hear your thoughts!

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I personally think it's a very interesting show. While I often don't agree with all the choices ('s all a question of one's own taste) I do find it fascinating to watch how it all comes together in the end. I watched every show last season and plan on doing the same with this "new" cabin.
Terrific, thanks for your input. What did you think of the SanJacinto? We have never built this particular model and I am anxious to see it completed as well.
The looks great, although I would have preferred the interior logs to be log shaped instead of flat. Again, that's just a personal thing. I'm sure the flat walls are much easier to work with and make hanging things on the walls much easier. Do you know how many sq ft the interior is? I tried looking at DIY and although I found the floor plan, I couldn't seem to find the square footage.

To me all log cabins are fantastic each in it's own way. What I really liked about the SanJacinto was the great and interesting roof line. And if I'm looking at the plans correctly there is a wonderful covered deck on the rear of the house. I'm looking forward to seeing more as it goes along.

It's a shame you don't get the DIY network...are you following along on the web site? Or do you have inside info as a Barna Log Homes dealer???

I like the round logs better myself but believe it or not, the "D" log is our most popular. I have seen the first 4 episodes. My friend did the Tvo thing and it was nice because I could speed through the commercials. I think that plans has around 2400 sf but I am not sure. If you decide you want more detailed info, let me know and I can get it for you. Thanks for watching!
Hi - thanks Joy for the heads up. I have watched for 4 episodes now - and am not sure yet what I think. As with most DIY shows - there is a lot of "wasted" air time on chit chat, repeating vignettes, and general fluff stuff. I wish we could see more of the actual work - but perhaps that is boring and viewers prefer the talking, fun, and personal relationships between the show hosts. I would prefer to see more of the planning, shopping, building etc - the nuts and bolts. But - I do watch - so that does tell a lot. :-) Dee

This is the first time I have watched this but I agree, I would like to see more nuts n bolts and a little less messing around. I am glad you are watching though and I hope you like what you see with this Barna home. It looks like a terrific plan but I have never built it. It was designed specifically for this project but I can get it now so maybe I will get a chance to sell/build one in the future.
I, like the rest of the world, I think, enters to win almost daily.
If you don't get it on TV, try looking at the project on Lots of videos but you will have to tolerate a commercial before each video segment.
Lot's of great ideas but you'll find a lot of ideas that begs the question,"what were they thinking?".


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