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Do you feel it? It's coming, in fact you can almost smell it in the air. One season slowly winding down, another starting up...

What the hell are you talking about Shad? It's like 90 degrees outside!

Weather? Who's talking about weather?! I'm talking football! The baseball season is heading towards the post season but football is right around the corner! So, anyone else a football fan? I'm a die-hard Steelers fan, even though I'm in Redskin country. I root for the Skins when they're not playing the Steelers - in fact, I'm going to the home opener against the Saints in just over a week. For free even. w00t!

So let's hear it - who's your team?

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Count me as another Steelers fan. Although I grew up in a Skins family and have a son-in-law who's a Dallas fan..........makes Thanksgiving kind of 'interesting'!!!!!!
I can imagine! A friend of mine and his wife were similar; she's a die hard Skins fan, he's a die-hard Steelers fan. When the two play each other, they both wear their respective team's jerseys and taunt each other all week up to the game. That's definitely an interesting time :-)
Shad - unfortunately our "home" team is the Detroit Lions....I can already hear the laughs.... I don't think I will see them in a Super Bowl in my life time.
Well, stranger things have happened - if it gets too painful to watch, just remember the heyday of Barry Sanders and know that it'll come around again! Take pride in the fact that you're no fair-weather fan and when their time comes around again, stand proud knowing you never let your team down!

Geez, I sound like a cheerleader or something...
HTTR!!!! (Hail to the Redskins) Redskins all the way! 15 minutes before season opens right now and I cannot wait. Shad - have a great time at the Saints game. Steelers are coming to town this year for a prime time game, right? We usually go to one or two a year. My father in law is a season ticket holder. I'm waiting for the Chantilly log home show to coincide with a Skins home game....My dream weekend! Anne
Well, they fared better against the Giants than I expected - I didn't get to watch the game (was out playing softball), but 16-7 isn't all that shameful to the previous year's Superbowl champs.

And would you believe this is going to be my first NFL Game in 20+ Years? Last game I went to was an Arizona Cardinals game where I was performing in the half-time show (I was in the marching band at NAU and they invited us down). So I'm very much looking forward to the game next weekend!

Yeah, guess the Skins will be in Detroit the weekend of the home show. What a shame, that would be an awesome weekend! And yup, the Steelers playing Monday Night here in November. Might have to see if I can get tickets to that as well ;-)
Shad - the score was a kind representation of what actually happened....I wish I had been playing softball, too. I highly recommend a prime time game - the atmosphere is electric and FedEx usually has a pretty good representation by visiting fans, so you won't be the only one in Black and Gold - or is it black and yellow??? Good luck with the Texans this Sunday!


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