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Please read this before even considering Amerlink/In The Woods Log Homes! My wife and I have just consulted an attorney to help us deal with our situation with Amerlink.

We purchased a "Ventura II" package from Amerlink in Dec. 2007 and scheduled our delivery for July 10th, 2008. We did everything they asked us to do to prepare for delivery including 3 friends missing a day of work to help us, renting an expensive fork truck, even had our framing crew on-site to stage materials and start work. They said 2 trucks would be arriving with our package. But only one truck showed up with 2/3rds of the logs we were supposed to get. Nothing else! And we had to give full payment to the driver before unloading that!

I called John Barth, Amerlink's President and CEO to find out where our materials were. He told me the "local supplier" that would be bringing our lumber and all other materials was closed for 4 days for inventory. I asked him what that had to do with our delivery which Amerlink had 7 months to prepare for? He could not give me an answer. And now, here it is, 3 months after our confirmed delivery date and we still have not received all of our materials.

This was the beginning of a long string of lies to us from the president of Amerlink. He promised to reimburse us for the expenses we incurred due to their negligence in the delivery of our log home package, totalling over $16,000. We submitted our receipts for reimbursement and we haven't heard from him or Amerlink in 6 weeks!

We were naive to believe there is honesty and integrity with Amerlink. Please don't make the same mistake we did! Don't be another Amerlink victim!

If you have had a similar experience with them, or discussion, please share it with the forum. We need to inform all the potential buyers we can reach!

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I hear ya log gone crazy. I was one of the fortunate who walked on a very high note!!! As far as money owed ..... I am also with the many who are on the OWED list. I, however took it one step farther and had the labor board demand my money which now, LORD only knows when that will come through!!!!!!


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