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Hi Everyone,

I am Vic Burk and I live in Northeast Tennessee with my wife, three children, two golden retrievers, a cat, and three jersey cows (and also whitetail deer, skunks, and other wild critters all around).  We have thought about building a log home for years and are hoping that this year will be the year we can start.  It will be a slow process because we intend on doing it all on a cash basis.  I have no intention of making any finance company rich or putting up the title of our land to secure the loan.  If it takes three to four years to make it happen, so be it!


I am a high school mathematics teacher and love my work.  There is something about being able to convey your knowledge to the younger generation that I cannot explain.  It is so great to see that "Eureka" moment when the light bulb goes on over their head.


I am on here to learn all I can, both good and bad.  My father always told me, "Any man can learn from their own mistakes, a smart man learn from others mistakes".  What I am looking for is to learn what worked and what didn't for those building their log homes.


Thanks for reading my post!

Good afternoon. Taking your time looking into this is a wise move. 

When you have a moment please take a look at for a LOGical approach. Let us know how we may be of service.

Thank you - Wholesale Log Homes.

Hello everyone!

My name is Jeff, and I am sooooo enjoying this incredible Log Home Neighborhood. I look forward to meeting more of you.....

Thank you for this forum!



I'm happy to be part of this community and hope to find very informative insight on the process of building a log home.  My husband James and I are in the process of purchasing a lot, soon to close.  Eventually, the plan is to build a log home in a couple of years, so we have some time to continue the research.  But Wow! There are so many log home companies out there, I'm overwhelmed.  I would like to know what experiences folks out there have had, positive, negative.  What I should look out for and what questions I should keep in mind to ask the companies I interview in the future. The more companies I research the more difficult it becomes to narrow down the search to three or four to research them further.  Any assistance will be welcome.  Thanks!

Hire a designer not associated with a log home company to think outside the box.

Hi. Take your time and enjoy the process. Since logs make log homes, we ask you to consider adding to your list. Have some fun with all this - 

Hi, My name is Dave my family and i just got a great little log cabin in northern Michigan.

I have been around log cabins my entire life and was looking to build one when i found this cabin.

It was going to be torn down! It has only one bad log. I could not let that happen so I  bought it.

So let the restoration adventure begin.


My husband and I are new to the log home neighborhood.  So far we purchased our plans and have our land and our log company. My husband will act as the GC and hire some of the work and do a lot himself. We are in the process of getting estimates to try to pull this project together.  It has been really hard to get don't call back or they contact you in 3 weeks instead of a few days like they said.

I never expected it would be this hard to get estimates to get this project underway. 


I can help if you're considering any creative artwork for your log home.  I produce one-of-a-kind pieces of art using primarily hand tools; chisels, gouges & knives.  I work closely with my clients and their budgets to create amazing, award-winning pieces that add to the owners surroundings.  Feel free to contact me for additional information and photos of my work.

Thank you.

JJ Lynes



Just checking in  to say high,

My wife and I just bought a 11 acre tract of land in southern Illinois that sits on a private lake

We have been thinking about a log home with an open floor plan

any and all advice welcome  we have a few years left  before the final move so we can take our time

thanks in advance



Congrats on the acreage & future log home ownership.  I am an artist who produces original one-of-a-kind relief carvings & 3-D creations in wood.  I work closely with my clients to produce drawings based on their interests and ideas.

If you would like see some of my work, my web site is .  Additionally, I could forward photos of my more recent work if you provide an email address.  

Thank you.

JJ Lynes

Out of Thin Air


Hello everyone, I hope I am doing this right.  Every forum seems a little different so bear with me.

I'm Carl and my wife is Chris.  We have been just a bit over three years now in renovating a log house in southwest Colorado.  It was started in 2000, but never finished, and many things were not done well or correctly, so it has been an interesting project.

We are glad to find a forum of like minded individuals, and look forward to contributing.

Cheers, Carl & Chris


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