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Anyone having problems with carpenter bees and woodpeckers? We have a red cedar home and are looking for a solution for these persistent pests.

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I don't know if this is true or not since I am a wanna be log home owner , but I read, I think in Mother Earth News, that you can put grease or vaseline in the carpenter bees hole and it will stick to their wings and make them unable to fly. But that might also blead into the log and stain it.
NBS 30 is what we used that didn't work. The builder added it into the stain and applied it to the house. It stunk to high heaven of something that smelled like citronella. With a smell that powerful you would think it would work but carpenter bees bored into the front and back porches.
This is one of the BEST charts I have seen regarding wood pests. Everyone should have a copy.

Our house is 21 years old and we've had problems with the carpenter bees for about 3-4 years. We've had an exterminator come in and treat for them. We've done it for several years and hope to have it under control. Basically, once the bees have drilled a hole in the logs and are settled in, you have to inject the solution and then caulk the hole. This kills the bees living in there and caulking prevents them from escaping the solution. Also, if you've had them for awhile, it will take a year or two for the other bees to relocate.
I have no experience with carpenter bees here in FL but I have with carpenter ants, roaches, spiders, wasps, pesky saleman, etc. I tried the normal "Home defense" gallon spray can stuff and wasn't too impressed until I found a spray can product called Ultra Hot Shot at HD. It contains Imiprothrin .10%. If you spray the tinest amount on or near the above critters their life expectancy is about 20 seconds. Its seems to shut down their ability to breath. The residual last for months and if they step foot in it their done. I have watched ants crawl out of a crack and croak. I suspect the carpenter bees will give up the ghost too. Let me know.

I noticed that Golden Eagle uses aluminum facia and soffit which matches the roof color to eliminate maintenance issues, probably bees and peckers too. I wonder why all companies dont use this technique? Any comments.


I have used aluminum on my facias for that very reason.

I really prefer real wood on a log home, but maintaining wooden facias in my climate is tough.

I bent them in a brake and Installed them.....but I don't really like the dimpling you can sometimes get with wide facia aluminum, especially during sunny days even with pre-drilling holes.

I should have tried siliconing them on, or maybe a heavier gauge.

I think I might remove some of them on the south east side this summer or fall and glue them on with silicone.

I found a powder that kills them DEAD it is called delta dust. I found it at a log home show in Harrisburg pa. You have to apply this stuff with a duster directly into the holes and then they track it in and bam their dead. The more bees that come into the hole the more you kill. After you kill the bees then their is nothing left for the wook pecks to eat. I did hear not to caulk the holes since the bees eggs are still in the hole and this is what the woodpeckers eat. I did have my home stained the other year and they used nbs30 additive it made my house smell like a candle but I'm not too sure it kept the bees away. This web site should Help!

We have about 8 carpenter bee holes each year, but we spray the powder in them and install a 1/2" cork so we know which holes have been treated. We discover them quick and treat them. They are not usually in the logs, but in the eve facial boards or porch roof beams. There is a special rubber bulb with a long metal neck to spray insecticide powder in the bee holes available on the internet. I never have seen one or the powder in a local store.

I just finished writing a blog post on this very topic! Carpenter Bee season is coming up, and there are several options in the blog on how to deal with Carpenter Bees and in doing so keeping the woodpeckers away.  Hope this helps!

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