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What is best stain for exterior of log home?

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Armstrong Clarke DOES allow the wood to breath, just to add a point of clarity. :-)

But I will also say you should look at Perma Chink. It is a great product. We use quite a bit of it. :-)

Thank you, I will email both Greg and Jake Clark and get samples.
I have a few weeks before we start. A friend had originally brought me samples of the perma-chink(natural, natural light and dark honey) and I tried them and thought they looked pretty nice too. I will check back after I try some more samples. I am glad I asked these questions for you brought up some good points about application that I did not even think about. Thanks.
Dorene -

Glad to hear you tried Transformation, which is the stain Sashco makes (who I'm with). Transformation does have a slight tackiness to it until completely dry but that usually goes away within 24-48 hours. If the tackiness has persisted past that, shoot me an email or reply here - there may be other issues at play. Transformation is highly breathable so I wouldn't worry unless you have green-ish logs (anything above 19% moisture content level). Otherwise, Transforamation will work great.

If you have other finishing products you need to use, meaning caulking or chinking, I'd stay away from non-drying oils (paraffin waxes, carnuba waxes, etc.), as they will interfere with adhesion of most other finishing products. There are oil-based caulks out there you can use with non-drying oil stains, but they generally don't perform as well as water-based caulks.

Hope that helps some! Let us know if you have any questions - we're here to help.

Have a great day!
Thank you, yes I do have to do some caulking around windows and doors so that was an interesting point and another thing to think about. Also, the transformations samples did lose most of the tackiness. I don't think I washed the cleaning solution off good enough on one of the logs for that one seemed to be the worst.
I did try capture/cascade even before transformation. I actually like the way it came out better. Well it looks to be a nice weekend to try them again! Thanks for the input.
As a point of clarity, if you are applying the caulking or chinking material when the wood is bare and allowing it to properly set up, before applying the oil (or any product really) you get the best adhesion.

I mentioned Armstrong Clark....the non-drying oil penetrates, the other oil does cure near the surface (like an alyd would) so it is not an doesn't stay "wet"....

Beth & Dorene -

FYI - that is actually not the case with Sashco's products, and I'm pretty sure Permachink recommends caulking after staining with their products, as well. Why? At least in Sashco's case, the stain (so long as it's compatible) actually acts as a "primer" for the caulk, providing for stronger adhesion. In addition, the stain provides an added barrier of protection behind the caulk. Should that joint undergo major movement (which usually happens on those small joints, if it's going to happen), the stain helps repel some of the water that would otherwise soak into that wood.

While doing things the opposite usually works, Sashco has seen on enough occasions catastrophic failure when an imcompatible product is used that we simply warn people away from it. And, if they they choose to move forward, we try to give them a lot of information on possible outcomes so they're prepared for it if and when it happens. In particular, there was one home in the northeast US where the homeowner used a popular non-drying oil stain after applying our Log Jam chinking. All proper prep was done and that chink was allowed to completely cure before it was applied. After about 6 months, the homeowner noticed the chinking coming off in nice, clean strips. After doing some testing by an independent lab, it was found that the edges of the chink that were adhering to the wood were covered by parrafin wax that had migrated to the surface of the wood, causing adhesion products. While wide-spread failure is rare, it is possible. Why even chance it when there are products that perform better and don't present those problems?
I am starting to narrow things down and was wondering if you could send me your email for I have a few questions on the transformation stain. My email is
Thank you
Dorene - I just sent you an email. If ever you need to get to me, my email address is


We use the Outlast Q8 on our home and are 100% satisfied.   The color holds up well.

Hi Charis,
As for Perma-Chink.... Installing Energy Seal

A link is a beautiful thing!
You are right - they do recommend that Energy Seal be applied first. I was actually going by the label for their chinking (Perma-chink), which says that it's "best applied after the home has been stained". I should not have generalized so much - thank you for correcting me.

-- Charis
No problem! None of us knows (or in my case can remember) everything, so a link is a beautiful thing in life! Bookmark often! Have a great day Charis! :-)




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