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What is best stain for exterior of log home?

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I work for the Continental Products Co. We make a wood stain product called WeatherSeal.

Go to the link below and you will see an independent outdoor test of numerous wood stains conducted by Hochstetler Milling, a log home manufacturer located in Loudonville, Ohio.

It will open your eyes to the performance reality of many popular log home stains being sold to the Industry

I took the photos and unfortunately I used my tablet to photograph which is not the best camera. ( I plan on returning to Hochstetler and photograph the weathered wood stains with a better camera.)  The photos vary to a degree because they were taken outdoors and the lighting conditions were constantly changing. Regardless it is self-explanatory. My suspicion with Transformation and their mildew problem is that it is a stain that is predominantly composed of linseed oil. I was recently at a structure that had Transformation on it and it was still tacky even though it was approximately one year since it had been applied. The tackiness may also have to do with plasticizers that may be incorporated in the formula.

FYI: Hochstetler is not, nor has been a customer of ours.  

Michael McArthur

The Continental Products Co.

Below is the working link to the outdoor weathering test:

Michael McArthur

Thank you for the link. Most the pictures except for the top two look really good even the Transformation. What should I be looking for in the photos?

See photos of stain we, mostly Sashco products at:

or Facebook:

This is a topic that always gets a lot of different replies as there are many great stains. The answer will really depend on the age and style of cabin you have along with the end result that you are looking for. My cabin is in the North East with very hard winters so I was looking for longevity. 

My cabin was a 1940 log cabin that was very neglected over the years. It had black mold, and rot was starting to set in. I did LOTS of research and finally decided on Sashco's Transformation Log and Timber Red Tone Dark. I will let the before and after pics speak for themselves but I am extremely happy to say the least


Beautiful! Can't wait to get you your finalized story. :-) It's going to be awesome!

Thanks Charis! I cant wait to see it! 

Nicholas. Looks great! I'm currently using transformation, same shade. Contemplating mixing some dark tone brown, as ours is coming out a bit too red for our liking. I'd love to see some additional photos of your finished product if you have any available.
Sure, the shade definitely has a red tone to it especially when I take a pic of the cabin at night with the flash but when the sun hits the cabin it actually has a more brownish red look to it like in the 2nd picture that says "2nd coat". Here are some better pics of how it looks under normal light.


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