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Well, my wife and I have started interviews of builders, and will resume this interview process through next year. We hope to begin building in 2010.
We have been subscribers to Log Home Living magazine since about the mid-1990's, and our dream is starting to come together.
Any and all advise will be appreciated!

Jay & Julie

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'm going to tell you some ways to make things affordable.
Build a square house.
4 corners is a house, 8 corners = 2 houses.
Overhangs on gable ends - 7' minimum, 3 feet on sides.
DO NOT cut into the logs. No scribing. No dovetails. Keep logs intact to prevent water/rot.
There are methods to build that require no adjustments for settling on windows and doors. And can be built with green logs.
When people tell you to investigate, do it, but don't keep bouncing from one kit builder to another.
Jay & Julie,

There is so much great advice from posters below! I'm just wondering what to add...:o) My husband and I started around a year and 1/2 ago building our home. We built it outself from a package from a company out of Georgia. Square, D logs on a two story + basement. We went with a owner-builder construction loan for what we could not cover ourselves. That was certainly an interesting process. I wish you lots of luck (and good weather) during your build. Enjoy the will be a labor of love.

Angie and Bryan
Please do NOT build until you talk to me about my experience

Hi Kathy...I'm all ears!  



Where are you building ?

If you send me your e-mail address I will send you some detailed info on how to prep and stain logs and log siding exterior and interior including some excellent suggestions on design, layout, interior finih products. I am not a builder and I do not sell products. I am a log home owner.


Also, check out as an additional option when selecting stains for your huge investment. Be sure you do as much research as possible before building. Design your home with the first row of logs up at least 24 to 30 inches above final grade, large overhangs - at least 30 inches on the side and 6 to 8 feet on the ends. Install rain gutters and do everything you can at the design level to keep the logs dry once the home is built.

Threat all wood, OSB, 2x4's 2x6's, 2x12's plywood, everything with Timbor or Borada-D ( borax salt ) to deal with insectrs, wood rot, etc.

Send me your e-mail address and I will forward additional info to help you become more well informed.



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