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New log construction, 8X12 D logs with double row of 3/8 Emseal, foam backer-rod used in all checks with Sascho Log Jam, then finished with two coats of Lifeline Ultra stain/and two topcoats.


I went back in troubled areas and recaulked, but i am still getting some leaks to my disappointment.  I coulda, shoulda, woulda done better by extending the overhang further than 24" in hindsight, but this side of the cabin is windblown typically and 6' overhang might not have sufficed.  Any ideas on sealing up some sporadic leaks?  I don't want to finish interior with water still coming through walls.  I may even caulk all horizontal seams on that side if nothing else does the trick.  Very frustrating!!



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I would suggest Log Home Thermal Imaging to determine exactly where the leaks are.  D-log style homes especially the large d-logs like you have should be chinked between all log joints.  You might get away with just that gasket between the logs for a couple of years, but it quickly becomes evident as you described that you need Log Jam chinking or Conceal Textured Caulk between all log joints interior and exterior.  I see that you are located in Colorado.  Log Home Finishing is based in Fairplay, CO.  I can come to your location and do the thermal imaging and prepare a bid to do the chinking....

Thomas Elliott

Log Home Finishing

970 368 2308

Did you caulk along the checks? especially the one's facing upward? 

Kyle, where in the Rockies is your home? You might consider a nice covered porch addition to the problem side. It might ultimately cost the same as a patch job, and yet add value and useable cooking or seating area to that side of home. Of course, thermal imaging would narrow today's issue. But if repeated exposure to sun and wind driven weather, another could form next year. If you send me exterior pics and dimensions, I'll help design and install a solution. Regardless of log profile. I'm active in CO and NM. or 865-471-2182 desk

Thanks ALL for the responses...I have caulked all checks, twice, even the downward facing ones albeit not as thorough as the upward facing checks.  I used backer rod and Log Builder, so not sure what i did on wrong on those, there are no visible cracks; i've somewhat given up on asthetics in exchange for a solution.  Chris, i'm liking your approach the best at this point, i do have a plan to extend a loft deck (at least 4' wide, possibly up to 8') across the width of the gable end, then flash the ledger board into those corrugated drainage panels made for the underside of decks to keep the underside dry...basically doing the same thing but adding the functionality of the deck.  Thermal seems to be a last resort at this time, although i do see the merits and advantages.

Backer rod and Log Builder is the correct way to fill a check.  


You may want to try Check Mate 2. It is the only sealant specifically designed with just log checks in mind. Unlike Log Builder, or Energy Seal it has none of the textured material that makes it look like you have put chinking in your checks. Also it stretches further than Log Builder or Energy Seal at 800% of its original size, and can compress multiple times without buttoning or popping out.

You can check (no pun intended) this link for more info,

If you would like to try a sample please email me at,

You can also look at our sealant application guide for help,

Do you think applying more of your Lifeline stain/topcoat would reduce the leaks or more likely a structural issue?  I see most leaks coming through interior via knots...



Could you email a picture, preferably a close up of one of these knots? From what it sounds like I'm thinking that more finish or topcoat is not going to be the answer.

I think you may need to press some E-Wood, or Check Mate 2 into the knots if they are leaking all the way through somehow but I'd really like to see one of the knots.

You can email the picture to or just post it here if you would like. I'll check back later.

He didn't chink between the log joints, it's one of the chinkless style homes which require chinking.

It might be a good idea for him to switch to Check Mate 2 for his checks, and maybe even his knots, as well as chinking between the logs with something like Energy Seal, or one of the other sealants that are easy to blend in by staining over. I hope he sends some pictures.

I won't be able to get those detailed pics for a few weeks...the cabin is at 10K feet in the Sangres and not easily accessible right now.  Not at all considering chinking at this point...thinking the upper level deck with drainage is my multipurpose solution for that specific problem.  Thanks!



Nice area. Fond memories of scaling Crestone BK (before kids), with brothers. Challenging peak and gorgeous area. Once you send or post your pics, we'll help with a tasty and doable solution.


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