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Greetings all from West Virginia!! We purchased our ten-year old log home about one year ago and absolutely love it. There is a garage adjacent to the home above which is a beautiful space that we are about to convert to an additional guest room with bath. We are trying to duplicate the look of the house interior which has v-groove boards (approximately 5"-6" inch wide) on the vaulted ceiling. However, for reasons of economics, we were wondering if anyone might have a suggestion for an alternative to v-groove that would look similar? Thanks for any suggestions!

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Usually you can pick up a mountain type grade fairly reasonably priced.  It might have a few more solid knots, but I like it.  You sure you can't work a deal at a local yard?  It would be a shame not to match the room if this is what you want? 

For instance a mill up my way (Hancock lumber) is selling 1x6 v match camp grade .21 a ft. and mountain grade (which is just like most standard grade) for .35 a foot, by the lift or unit.  A bit more waste in camp grade, but if you have more time then money, its very reasonable.  I am sure WV has some mills out there too?

The other thing you can do is go on a place like and see if a trucker is looking for a load on return trip and will give you a very good price (especially if the material is not to far away from you)?

You are so good to reply with such helpful suggestions which I will definitely follow-up on-thank you so much!

Hi Beth:  For a low cost alternative, I've seen folks use t-111 for the ceiling of porch roofs and garage storage spaces/bunk rooms.  Hope this helps!

That's what I did, T1-11 with the rough (good) side down, when I redid the kitchen roof in my cabin. Mine was a little different though; I was replacing the roof itself so the T1-11 was above the rafters (there is no insulation). Against the age darkened rafters (and a couple of new ones stained to match) the light color of the unfinished T1-11 is beautiful.

Beaded plywood (trade name ply-bead) is another option.

The only thing with beaded plywood and T-111 is it costs so much now. T 111 is running almost $37 a sheet up my way and beaded 3/8" is about the same.  T&G is actually cheaper in this respect,  up my way anyway.  Even 1/2" cdx is running about $20 a sheet.  LA pacific and GP make a primed siding panel made from OSB which might be cheaper but you would have to paint it.  

Thank you Dana, Donald and Shanny-your input and suggestions are so appreciated-we will certainly explore these options in our area and see how they compare to V-groove. Thanks for your help!


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