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We love our log home but don't want to face exterior log maintenance every few years when we retire starting next year. Am I crazy to consider strapping the whole house and installing siding???

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Start off with a good water based product. Then maintain every three years for about 3k to 4k. Not a big deal. If thats  out of your $ range, I would trade in my log house for a hybrid or something with easier maintenance.

Look at that house we just finished restoring in hill country. Its been stained with siekkens 2 times since 1993. Only patch caulk was applied over the years.

There is a big difference in vertical barn siding under overhangs and radial logs that catch water.

Chris one other thing about siding your home is still the fact of potential damage. We've done too much restoration work on homes where folks have done exactly what yr talking about. In each case, there has been an area where water managed to get in behind the siding and sat on the logs. Whole walls eventually developed rot in these cases.....and since its behind the siding, its not caught until you have serious problems. My parents are of an age where this is also their concern. We "kids" just get together every 4-5 years and do a quick touch up. A good quality stain, makes the job easy for touch ups. The folks heat up the grill and we have a day of family time.

I agree with Jackie. I see this alot.

I do not see much difference in log home maintenance and other homes. I hire someone to reapply stain every 5 - 7 years. At my previous homes, I painted(when I was young) or hired someone to paint siding every 10 years. When I had a vinyl siding home, pressure washing the mildew was required every 3 years. We stain the decks ourselves because no ladder is required. Deck maintenance was the same with my previous homes. I have delt with rotting window sills at my previous homes. I plan to prevent that by keeping my log home windows stained (working from inside). So I really see the maintenance as just like any other home.

Well folks, thanks for all the interesting comments.

We bought the house as a seasonal residence, and it still is. We do go all year round though.  We have decided that we want to live there when we retire, probably within a year or two. It's a great cottage, and very unique and charming, to be sure.

But we don't want to spend the rest of our lives in a log house which as a weekend cottage is just great, but as a full time home has some deficiencies -- the kitchen is really small, the rooms are fairly dark, etc. And I don't want to be bothered for the next 25 years (I hope!) messing with logs and worrying about rot, bugs, staining, etc etc.  I am even considering drywalling the inside in certain sections to brighten things up.

The current plan now entails tearing the whole house down and building a framed house plus an extension on the existing foundation and footprint.  While this is a sad things to do, I actually have someone lined up who will take the logs and rebuild the house for another party interested in a log home.

The other option is just to sell it (of course after having put about $75K into mods, landscaping etc etc) and used the proceeds to buy a lot nearby and start from scratch.

decision, decisions....

You need to sell the house outright. Then buy something on the auction block. You can't build one for what they are selling for right now. There is such gluttony of 2nd homes on the market.

You need an existing home that is a well built hybrid. Then you will get the look you want with manageable maintenance.



Auction block?  Extremely rare here in Canada. Real Estate here is still hot, at least where I live. 

I am sorry I didn’t realize you were in Canada. I was assuming you were in the US.


Wow....I am glad someone is interested in rebuilding it....what a shame to waste such a building .....for sticks and beaver vomit board with oil plastic siding.

Maybe a condo or townhouse would be better for you folks? 


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