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We are starting the process of figuring out how Amerlink employees sleep at night. We have the logs, thankfully, but no one to put it together. Log cabins are not a common house in south Ms so builders are not easily found. We are trying to build this house with 1 main goal - our 11 yr old daughter, with rather severe autism, will be with us for the rest of her life and with this home, she can stay under our roof and not have to live in a facility type place. Shame on Tom Dann, Tom Slocum, Allen Rhodes and Cheri Maxwell... Shame on all of you !! I believe if what comes around goes around and I hope that the fraud charges that we have filed against Amerlink has a small part of that happening... We have some wonderful pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner that we had on our slab - where our dining room is suppose to be... would you like to see them? Probably not, that would cause emotion and yall know nothing about that !! again, SHAME ON YOU !!!

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I am writing to inform you that the Sales People that sold these homes were just as much "In the woods" (no punt intended) as the people buying them. I quit Amerlink because of things that started to take place such as unhappy customers. So basically it does not fall on the shoulders of most of the salespeople. Once we sold the package we had no control or contact with anyone about the sale! In fact we were not even allowed to speak to the customers we sold to!!!! I hope all goes well for you all, and on another note many of us are owed lots of money also!!!
Well, as far as the no contact... I kept in constant contact with my sales rep... funny emails, how the weekend was, that kind of stuff - both me and my husband received and responded with such emails and calls... i can honestly say that with tom dann we didn't feel like just another sale. And i have trouble believing that when you work that close to these people that the water cooler didn't give some hint of what was going on. I know there are alot of people owed money... we've had contracted construction people contact us about constructing our house and they've told me how much they're owed so I do know that... and again, SHAME ON AMERLINK... and what I'm curious about is if these people saw such problems starting why didn't someone stand up and contact the customers about their concerns... ? I know that we are not the only people and I know there are people in much bigger boats then we are... my opinion is about our situation - but I can assure you, our opinion is shared by many... I am glad that you were able to remove yourself from that place and I hope that you are now happy with whatever road you have taken...
I feel sorry for all of the lives AmerLink has damaged and caused heartach to . I like all of the thousand of other people AmerLink took from and did not live up to the contract. I would like to know just how many people the did this to. WE kept in constant contact with our sales rep.... also. I would like to know how they did not know what was going on??/
Has anyone out there recieved any replies from AmerLink , or the Attorney General, or just who has anyone contacted to try to get their money back???
Bless everyone, and may we hear something good ,real soon.
I am sorry to learn my husband and I are not alone. Our Amerlink Nightmare began in August. I recommend we try to get together before all the company's assets are gone. The person to blame is JOHN BARTH "president". He personally told me he'd have the Stock Building lein removed from my ederly in-laws' property and I would get delivery of my materials....
Hello. I am in the same boat, as you except we did not get our logs. WE did not get our money back either. We did find a good builder and honest. He is making our home from scratch. He has a passion
for log homes. Were are you located?? You mite want to contact our builder as he was going to put
our AmerLink home together if we ever got it, (didnot happen)) . Log on to admin@marksmithconstruction and you can watch the progress of our home he is building. I am so sorry you were douped by AmerLink also.
I got a call from the NC Attorney General's office yesterday in response to my blunt email - "I want to know what the AG office is doing about the Amerlink fraud". Linda Matthews explained she's had several complaints. She's been told by Amerlink that they are filing Chapter 7 - but she has no proof yet. She has not received any responses from Amerlink in the last few weeks. And, she encouraged me to add my written complaint so I can be kept up-to-date with the actions the AG office is taking.
We live in South Mississippi but any information that we have that can add to what the NCAG needs then we will be more then happy to provide. We have filed fraud charges against them locally but I'm not sure what our DA can do... our emails are , or ... any of these we can be reached through...

the stratakos family...
The NC AG's office recommended that we file the written complaint. Go to and complete the Consumer Protection complaint form and mail it to the AG Office.
Hello out there:
We have contacted the attorney general and the BBB to inquirer about the matter with AmerLink and as of today, only one has contacated me back and that was the BBB the stated after two tried to get AmerLink to answer our complain, the have desided the case to be closed-----the end, ---no response, no case. Also Attorney General has not contacted us after we emailed their office and sent a letter with particulars of our complaint. No answer. Also How con AmerLInk even be in business as they are still on the net, and they are still taking phone calls to set up log cabin packages. etc. how can this be, if they are filiing chapter 7 ????? Does anyone out ther know the answer????
I signed up for Google Alerts about Amerlink and got this message today from TROLLERBK.COM (

AMERLINK, LTD. files for chapter 11 bankruptcy
On February 11, 2009, AMERLINK, LTD. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The filer is being represented by Gregory B Crampton of the firm Nicholls & Crampton, P.A..
Hey, have you been contacted by amerlink? I just got a call yesterday from Tom Slocum -my original csr. He told me that the company was "ramping up again and the reason he called is to see if I was still interested in getting the home I put the deposit down for. He said they have to report back to the court how many people still want the homes-I told him I was already into "plan b" but would be receptive to a re-written contract (different dates and pricing) Don't think I will let them sell me anything other than the logs-the rest I'll aquire locally. It'll be interesting to see how they respond to that. And I can't help but wonder if they are sincere about getting this done. I'll know soon enough.
We got the same phone call !! I made my husband speak to him cause my red headed temper wouldn't get us anywhere... Keith told him that we want the materials that we paid for... even if we get that far and still don't have it - we can purchase locally and use that for our barn and other building plans. We have started the log construction ourselves - 1 log at a time... we've got the first row down and mounted to the foundation but when we get to the 2nd level, we'll just bring in a crew. and not of theirs - we had one of their contractors contact us about coming down and start the work and his $ was 1/2 of what we had signed off on our contract. So, if they'll just return our $4000.00 deposit and send the rest of the materials, we'll be square and put all of this behind us. If we hadn't already paid for the rest, we would buy locally too... live and learn...



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