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Hey there!  We are looking at purchasing this log home built in 1980 in New York state.  Can anyone tell from the pictures (southeast exposure) whether the dark coloration is anything serious, or just a matter of cleaning or restaining?  I've been reading about testing with bleach, but we haven't gotten to do that...We had been thinking of using a pigmented stain (like red or green) in the future.

We also noticed that the current owners put thin strips of black foam between logs inside; is that a bad sign that the place is very drafty, or a normal practice?

Sorry for all the questions!  We don't know much (yet) about log homes and don't want to buy a lemon! Thanks!!

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Some of that looks like normal sunburn discoloration; however, in your second picture, that lower left corner is REALLY dark, which could be a sign of rot. YUCK. Before you buy, have a log home restoration contractor take a look and give you the low-down on the condition. If there is rot, repairing that would be quite expensive and would drastically change the terms of the contract. You can find qualified log home contractors on our website. Contact 2 or 3 to see who can get out there. This time of year, work isn't quite starting up. They may also be able/willing to give you a quote on what kind of work needs to be done to get the home in good shape for many years to come.

Find Contractors Here.

Hope that helps and good luck!

--- Charis w/ Sashco - -

Find Contractor Link doesn't work

Thanks, Tom. Not sure what's up. The link is correct, but I know that underwent some changes this week. Wonder if there's some funky coding messing with things. 

For anyone reading, the link is

--- Charis

I think if you put the links in loghomeu with the 'http' and leave out the www there are not errors as I noticed.


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