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Any stain/seal authentic log cabin contractors in North Central Texas?

Any experienced, quality log home contractors that know how to correctly stain/seal and deal with chinking on log cabins? This is authentic logs that have chinking between each log. Would like to have done immediately or at least in next three of months.

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Hi, Mark. 

I have a couple names for you. They're in Texas, although not central Texas. Keep in mind: you've probably already found that log home contractors are few and far between, and their schedules fill quickly. I don't know that you're going to find someone available within the next three months. You may need to be flexible with your dates. I know of contractors who are booked into spring of 2019 already. :-)

A couple contractor names for you:

Harris Log & Country

Ray Harris

(903) 824-0019

Essential Log Home Services (based in NY but does winter work in TX)

Dolly Race

(866) 906-2955

Langford Construction

David Langford

(817) 478-0218

You might also call Log Home Resources up in AR. They service several contractors in TX and may have a few names for you. Ask for Matt - 501-932-6777.

Hope that helps! Let us know how the search goes.

Have a great day!

Charis w/ Sashco - - 

Thanks Charis. I will check them out. I have spoke with JD a couple of times. Super nice guy, but always swamped. I would even be willing to fly someone independent in from out of state that is experienced and maybe like semi-retired. 

Give a call to Matt at Log Home Resources first. He'll have some not-as-local contractor names for you who won't need to fly. :-) Let me know how it goes. There are a few guys I know who travel. Don't know what their schedules are right now, but I'm sure they'd be willing to talk if it was the right job.


--- Charis

What type of log profile (round, square d-log) is your home and the chinking detail (log on log, or space between logs with chink backer)?  We have professional chinkers who know our Hearthstone system(s) well who travel and chink.  Not the same talent or folks who apply the interior/exterior stain.  Is the chinking on site?  If we know how many pails it takes to chink, the backer prep, and site location, we can estimate the cost.


My name is Tony and the company name is Logmedics,Inc. I would be happy to talk with you about your project. Log cabin restoration is all we do as you can also view our website at Our number is 479-530-7356 cell or office is 866-956-4633. Hope your have a good day!


I appreciate all the responses and info.

I will keep all your contact info.

I decided to go with local vendor close-by in Tyler, Texas that Satterwhite told me does great work.

I met with them on Saturday and like them.

They are experienced with Satterwhite type cabins and authentic hand-hewn logs.

All the Best.


I am all around Texas but booked for about 4 to 5 months. 

JD Knight
Guild Log and Timber  LLC


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