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What in the world does a person do about adding baseboards in a log home?  My logs are a variety of shapes & sizes, and this is my first time owning a log home.  What would you suggest, and better yet, anyone have photos???!!!  I'll include a photo of the bathroom we're currently working on, just as an example.


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Personally, I don't think baseboards are necessary on log walls.  We just slid our flooring under the bottom log, which sits on a 1x8.  The only place we have baseboard is on the interior walls which are framed and drywalled.

I agree that baseboards are not necessary in many situations, unless you are trying to cover uneven, gapped joints, want to use them to hide wiring, are installing wall-to-wall carpets, etc. Especially if you are installing a new floor you can tuck the floor under the floor log as far as it goes and seal it. Search this forum for baseboards and you will see a few examples of what people have done. You can also do an image search on your favorite search engine -- something like:


  baseboard "log cabin" OR "log house"


will start to turn up hits for you to give you ideas.

If you really want trim, you can always run a small top cap piece that would make that funky transition. Its kinda bulky at the bottom but makes a good elec. Chase too. You would fasten your baseboard to this, with topcap overhanging baseboard.



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