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Behr Premium semi-transparent stain deck fence siding featuring NANOGUARD

I have a log home that has a oil based stain - linseed based, now with mold underneath its just failing. I am considering a cob blasting to the bare wood and applying a nice stain. We get lots of rain - think mold - in the north east. I have done a lot of independent research, incl Consumer Reports.

  1. Can anyone point me to the study done by Texas A&M on over 200 stains - someone have a copy?
  2. I recognize that some Behr stains or preservatives are not recommended online and in various forums.But I am curious if any one has had experience on a log home on this  Behr stain with Nanoguard .I
    am trying to find "independent research" on this particular product.From what I can see is that this particular product came out in 2004 or
  3. I plan on using a soluble Borate.
  4. Is there any mold inhibitor that I can use after stripping but before staining. (or is Borate it) Something that I can spray on, let dry and then stain.

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I would use a Behr product on my dog house. Send me a picture of the house/stain and let me see what we can do. Where is the house located? You shouldn't have to go the cob blast direction. Also, how old is the house.


House is in Northern NJ, house is 30 yrs old approx 5000sqft of log and eaves surface area
Do you have any idea what stain is on it and how long it has been on there. Do you want the same color or similar. The mold can be cleaned off with a Dawn detergent and 10% bleach mix. Or go to your local Lowe's and use the Olympic deck wash, but try it in a small area first to see if you like the results. The Olympic Deck wash might strip most of it off. Either way use a concrete broom and lightly scrub the surface, just like washing your car. Then hose off making sure to get it all off.
It looks like an oil stain, you can see how it burns off where the sun hits it more. If you like the dull oil stain, I would go with TWP. If you want a satin/glossy look, go with Sikkens Cetol 1 and 23.
Its a menwood product, 3-4 yrs on the house, tried the bleach and water, its inadequate, needs something that can penetrate the linseed oil base and strip a bit but not completely, Behr's old deck and strip mold remover #62 used to work, but they changed the formula recently, (and per the Behr salesman)

I have 2 water soluble strippers that I have tried successfully, 15 min on and then wash, neutralize with a oxalic acid. Its amazing how well that works. I did this 15 yrs back and tried it again, both successfully. But now I need someone to try doing it.

I am basically looking for the semi transparent and the same color. More importantly, I am looking for an oil based preservative and not a water based one. I am stunned by the limited research out there.
For kicks pick up the Olympic deck cleaner in a 2 or 2 1/2 gal jug and try in an area using a concrete brush and see what it does. I normally use (1 qt clorox bleach to 3 qts water with 1/4 to 1/2 cup TSP) this makes 1 gal solution. Try that in an area also with scubbing with concrete brush. I am curious to see what these two will do on menwood. I just used both on a deck and both stripped the finish right off the same, but don't have any idea what the stain was.
I know nothing about menwood at all. Have you contacted them to see what they suggest?
I have no problem traveling there to do it but am booked till 2011. I will do for time and material cost. Might be surprised, I might be cheaper than what they are in your area even with the travel.

I would go with TWP if you can get a close enough match.
What are the 2 soluble strippers that you used.
I will be out of town this week and will check in when I can. Call me at 817-408-6473 if you need to.
I am quite surprised that anyone would recommend a Bleach product?? As for the Sikkens product I have heard more complaints on Sikkens that anything else!! We used Behr Log Home siding stain on our half log sided home. I cannot offer any information on longevity as it has only been on for a month. It is film forming and does breathe. You could buy some at HD and try a small area. I have read all the posts about finishing logs in this forum and it sure is controversial!!

What is more surprising in this industry is clear, verifiable and independent research/studies on products.

The opinions are mixed and unsettling. There are some that will recommend one product and others who will speak against it with vigor.

I am not against using Behr or trying it out. I have done so on my deck. Looks real good for a year or two and then goes down hill. It seems strange the best selling product in the world is not necessarily the best product.

yes the products are in a continual state of change, and yes they can be successful in one location and fail in another. Lots of variables out there to consider.

I wonder if there are any contractors or manufacturers willing to stand by the products that they recommended and provide assurances against failures?
The bleach formula is right on Sikkens web-site. I have been repairing homes for some time. I am note a seller of one product. I give feedback on what I have seen in the field that works. I can almost guarantee you most products from the big box store as far as stains for log a low end product. Cabot is questionable.
Now, I only refer to the original Cetol 1 and Cetol 23. I would not touch the other Sikkens Next Wave.
I will stand behind all my work and will stand behind Sikkens over all of the other stains if applied and maintained correctly.


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