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We are nearing retirement, and anxious to find just the right spot to build our log home dream. We are lifelong New Englanders, but would consider New York and states to the south, but probably not to the west. Where would you advise, and why?

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Wow, big question! What do you like to do and what kind of weather do you like? Personally, I would choose a place like VT, preferably northern, for its freedom, abundant land and great log home surroundings. However, there is no work and even medical care can be lacking unless you are near one of the cities. CT, MA and RI are just too expensive to retire in, IMHO. I know New England pretty good - but I don't know what to say? Upstate NY has a lot of potential - but it too can be remote.

Personally, I think you should look to the Western or Southern states, personally. Much cheaper land and taxes - which makes for a more relaxed retirement unless you have some attachments to NE such as family. Again, what kind of weather do you like? Places like Western NC and TN are really beautiful and not much different from CT, weather wise. Talk about cheap! Taxes can be $1000 / Year instead of for a quarterly payment up here and land prices are 1/2 or less. I have a friend in Hickory, NC and he loves it. I have traveled through TN and also find it very nice, especially in the mountains. Most of the Southern states are nice, but once you get down to SC and below, its getting too hot for me.

A lot of it depends on you financial situation as well. I did a few shows on choosing a place to live, you may want to check them out. I give some advice on there as well.
Thanks for taking the time for a thoughtful reply. We think of ourselves as hardy New Englanders, and therefore tolerant of the weather, but arthritis is an issue, and I suppose it makes sense to move south a little bit. I'd like to look in northern NC, but the cost of trips there just to roam around will add up quickly. I'm looking for a quiet life, in a cute little town, with decent health care within an hour, perhaps 45 minutes to a "mall", reasonable drive from an airport for visitors and vacations, and preferably some "attraction" within an hour that would interest visitors. We need to have the land, house and furnishings come in at not more than $450,000-so a modest home. Thanks again-open to more specific advice!
NH is a nice state. There are a lot of log home owners here. I too would love to move to NC to be closer to my son and his family, however my husband will not leave his log home. Sigh.....I too have arthritis but I manage to get through it.I spend a lot of times indoors in the winter, reading, knitting and reading my Log Home Living magazine. Good luck with the search, let me know what you decide!
Howdy neighbor. If we wanted to build a log home in NH, in a small, cutesy community, 45 minutes from a mall, 15 minutes to a sizable grocery store, but within an hour of decent medical facilities, preferably within a half hour of a community or regular college, lot with a view, and with some kind of "attraction" or at least an annual event that would interest visitors......where would that be? I'd love to know where you live and why you picked to build a log home there, if you don't mind disclosing that. Thanks for writing!
Hi Lynn,
We live in CT, and the cost of living to me is prohibitive for a comfortable retirement. I'm a southern girl by birth, and my husband is a native CT resident. We chose Virginia, and purchased land there 4 years ago. We are on the south side of a mountain 'in the sticks' with water front on a very large recreational creek that leads to the New River. We are near several folksy, cozy friendly towns. there are several hospitals wtihin 40 minutes, and a major medical center 1 hr away. My property taxes on 11.5 acres is cheaper than my car taxes (5 years old) in CT! We are a 30" drive from I77 and I81. There are several subdivided mountain properties, or larger plots of land in that immediate area with waterfront.

Factors in our consideration were to get away without getting too far away, and avoiding the heat of the deep south where I grew up because my husband has MS and enjoys the outdoors. The heat would limit is outdoor enjoyment.

I hope you find what you are looking for! Good Luck!
Thanks very much! I'll have to do some research and figure out where you are building and investigate. Sounds lovely. When do you expect to build?
We hope to be breaking ground in spring 2012. We are at eagle valley in dugspur, Va the website for the lots is Several lots have sold, but there are some great ones left. A physician from Roanoke has already build a nice hybrid cabin on the creek at the bottom. Everytime we go we see deer, bear, geese. I just love the countryside. Feel free to look at my profile for pics of our land.
I looked at your photos. Must be beautiful. I will check out Eagle Valley and Dugspur. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck! If you feel like it, I would love to know what kind of log home you are going to build (size, log profile, using any dry wall?, etc). I'm also still trying to figure out the best way to finance building while still owning our home here in CT. Lynn
We want to have a dry-in package, and do most of the finish work ourselves. Ron is really handy with woodwork, electric and plumbing. I like the round logs, but we will narrow our choices compare prices of the logs and companies and do the best we can to get what we like. I like the interior tongue and groove pine planking. I guess any drywall would depend on the plan we use. There is a local company in Hillsville, Va that produces their own logs, kiln or air dries, etc to your specs. I have more info coming. I hope they are competitive. I like to give local businesses my business when I can.
I agree with the "go local" philosophy completely! Best of Luck to you!
Try this:

Right now I'm stuck in Fl due to the housing market downturn but I have done a lot of research on TN. I really like the looks of Lone Mountain Shores, TN which is 8 miles from New Tazewell, TN. They have a small hospital in town and its about 45 to 60 minutes into Knoxville. There are several large log homes and regular ones for sale in the price range you mentioned. They don't tend to count the walk out basements when they quote the square feet so these are big. Taxes and insurance are extremely low and no state income tax and I don't think they have an inheritance tax. Roads are good and people friendly. Not much snow in this particular area. TN seems to make its money on the 9 3/4 % sales tax and keeps tight control on its spending. There are also good deals on lakeview lots with a community dock included. If you want to build there are several log companies in the area to get quotes from.

Interestingly, in areas like TN, you can sign up for air ambulence service which gets you to the major hospitals fairly quickly. Even here in Sarasota they will use air ambulence to get you to major hospitals depending on the type of injury or problem.

You can use internet sites like AOL weather to check the year round weather temps where you are thinking of moving. Of course this year all averages went out the window. So much for global warming. I hear there is an Amber alert out for Al Gore (Al-lert) as he can't be found. covers all lake type properties around the country if you want to search others.

Thanks for all of that good information, Joe. Not sure if these "hardy Yankees" can contemplate TN, but I'll look at the place you referenced. I will definitely check out that website. If you are joking about Al Gore, I know we would like you!!


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