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We are nearing retirement, and anxious to find just the right spot to build our log home dream. We are lifelong New Englanders, but would consider New York and states to the south, but probably not to the west. Where would you advise, and why?

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Actually, we've been to Charlottesville a few times, and it was nice. We're also familiar with Annandale, Fairfax Station, Williamsburg and Richmond. None of those seemed like places for a log home. Thanks for the advice!   Lynn

I have been retired for 6 years. I have been to all 50 states. I started looking for a place to retire when I was about 55. I knew I needed to be in the west (less people, taxes) and some place green. I traveled to about eight or nine states, specifically looking and discussing with my wife what I saw and thought. Just as an aside, Bend Or. is supposed to be a big retirement heaven. It isn't green. I know I wanted to do specific things, one of which was to build a log home. I found many many places that met my specifications, but eventually settled in my birth state and very near family.

I would never advise a location, but I would advise asking your self specific questions about what you want to achieve other than your log home. And then take some time and go to these places. Take a look, because sometimes you discover a jewel.

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Sound advice, thank-you


I would recommend NH.  beautiful state with mountains that more closely resemble the ones found out west.  much more rugged and scenic than VT.  If you go up in the North Conway area there is tons of stuff to do especially if you have grandkids.  There is all the outdoor stuff along with places like story land, santas village, clarks trading post ect.

Also on a practical note there is no state sales tax which is a huge plus on a retirement income.  plus their state motto still rings true.  live free or die.

Thanks, Mike. We are familiar with NH, but don't want to go that far north (to Conway). Do you know of any cute little hamlet in the southern half? Maybe near a college, and with a decent hospital within 30 minutes? Do NOT want to be near any mall, and would like Walmart to be 15 minutes away.

You might want to check out Keene.  It is a college town close to the Mass border.  It would probably suit your needs very well

According to AARP magazine, NH was in the top 10 for best places to retire.  We built our log home in Colebrook, NH and hope to retire there.  There is a hospital in town, close to grocery store and pharmacy.   I could be wrong, but I think there is also no income tax.  Definitely no sales tax, and they don't tax you on your motor vehicles either, like they do here in CT.  I can't wait to get out of CT. 

I can't wait to get out of CT either! I'll have to look up Colebrook. We have been looking around Plymouth NH and loved little Hebron, NH (450 people and extremely low tax rate). I am so happy for you that you have a log home waiting for you in retirement! Thanks for responding!


Northern Michigan would be my choice, Lots of woods and over 11000 lakes or ponds. but yes we are to the west,

Doug at


Thanks for taking the time to reply and to show me your extraordinary craftsmanship. I've heard nice things about Michigan, but don't think we can take the leap to move that far away.  Lynn

But its so nice here, its 45 degrees and the sun is shinning, and thanks for taking the look at the site.



You're welcome, Lynn.  It might be a tad north for you.  It's almost into Canada.  Near the 45th parallel.  There are 2,500 people in town and the area is known for fishing, hunting and snowmobiling.  We snowmobile, so we're in heaven in the wintertime.  Pittsburg, NH, which is more northerly, is where the Connecticut River begins (the Connecticut Lakes).  We've owned our land for 13 years (it had a little camp on it which is now our storage building) and built the cabin in 2006.  Best thing we ever did.  We love it there and it's very hard to leave when it's time to go home to CT.


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