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We are nearing retirement, and anxious to find just the right spot to build our log home dream. We are lifelong New Englanders, but would consider New York and states to the south, but probably not to the west. Where would you advise, and why?

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Lynn....We chose Hebron NH. We just purchased 4 1/2 acres close to the lake with a nice mountain view. It will be a few years before we can build and retire there (kids still in school). We absolutely love this town. Low taxes, 20 minutes to the hospital and college in Plymouth, 15 minutes to Walmart LOL. Lots to do in this area for recreation if you love the outdoors.The best part for us is beautiful Newfound lake. I've been vacationing there my whole life and cant wait to live there full time. Just beware...Lots of bugs in the summer and lots of snow in the winter. But, you're a hardy Newenglander right ?   :- )

I wonder if  you bought a lot that I fell in love with. Sounds just like it. Are there several other houses on 5 acre lots already built, and the lot next to it was being built upon a couple of months ago? I loved it--for all the reasons you mentioned. We will keep looking in Hebron! Maybe we'll meet there someday. Darn it----now I have to stop thinking of that lot (my  husband saw places he liked better, but we haven't bought anything)  We live in CT now. How about you?


No other homes that close to me yet. I'm on the so called "senic" George rd. A couple bought the lot next to mine and just got their foundation poured last week. So sounds like a different spot. No other lots up here for sale that I know of but there are lots in Hebron with even better views. Be careful though with the views in NH...Even though they dont call it a "view tax" anymore, the state does wack you with higher taxes if they decide your view is pretty enough. The lakefront properties with a mountain view pay dearly. Sounds like you might have looked at the lots in Ciley Brook or up on Hobart hill.
Maybe we were on Hobart Hill-it was definitely on a hill, no brook. Yes, we've heard of the view tax. I'll have to ask the realtor where we were in Hebron and to tell us of any other lots in our price range. If you hear of any (or of houses in Hebron for sale) I would greatly appreciate a heads up. Thanks, and congrats! Maybe we'll meet there some day! Lynn

I have the perfect place, My wife and I bought a log home in Brownsville Vermont. Just south of Woodstock Vermont ( voted best place to live in America ) It's very close to the New Hampshire boarder line and 20 minutes to the Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital. lots of Great shops in Woodstock. And for the big store shopping, ( LL Bean, JC Penny, Best Buy, Home Depot, K-mart, and many others and great restaurants) there's West Lebanon NH. Of course we live just out side Woodstock as it is an in demand town and there taxes are higher than the surrouding towns.

check it out

Dave LaBaire

Thanks, Dave. We've driven thru beautiful Woodstock, and have been over to Dartmouth Hitchcock and the surrounding area-so I guess we're on the right track. We missed Brownsville, so we'll have to check that out. How old was the log home you bought and how much renovation did it require, if you don't mind me asking?


Built in 1989. It took a while but we found one that suited us. We took out the kitchen, and all the floors and subfloors because they had partical board. So we put all aged maple flooring in and a new kitchen. tile in kitchen and 2 baths.

Hi Everyone. I am from the Ski country of Vermont, moved to the DC Metro 20 years and have just gone through the search for a place to build and retire We live in NW Mass, great location with hospitals, emergency care, 3 outstanding small colleges (Bennington, Williams, MCLA)  and an amazing array of things to do. Taxes are very high, BUT just over the border in NY (Hoosick) or VT (Pownal/Bennington) these are much less. Our home was built in 2008, Elecricity and gas during the coldest months never exceed 450/month. We hardly use the AC in summer. Pictures of our 6 BR, 6 Bath home are posted here. We worked very closely with our builder to make this an energy efficient home. Driveway upkeep in winter runs about 25/ each time the plow digs us out. We love the outdoors as hikers, bikers and skiiers, therefore it was important to find a place which has thise close by.


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