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Hello Forum!  I've just recently joined although have been viewing info on it for a long time.  I really appreciate all the information that exists here.  We are in the middle of having our dream log home built - it's been 12 yrs in the making and waiting!  I wasn't quite sure where to post this question, so hopefully this is the right category.


We are thinking of doing a distressed black kitchen.  We plan on staining the logs a very light honey color so we were thinking the black next to the light logs, with honey color stained hardwood floors and a light colored counter top would really pop.  I'm having a hard time finding a lot of pictures on the web of others who have done black distressed cabinets.  If you have, do you mind posting some pictures of your kitchen? 



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If you go through the blogs here you will see that lighting, or lack of in this case, in log homes is an ongoing thread. The black may look good as you point out but it better be offset with an extreme amount of lighting fixtures to compensate, especially in the kitchen. Even black appliances absorb light rather then reflecting it.

Take the lack of pictures of black cabinets as a major clue.

Joe - yes, one of my biggest concerns is that it will be too dark. We have very high ceilings in the kitchen - over 9 ft. Plus the kitchen opens right up to the great room so I'm thinking with the light colored floors, walls, countertops, in addition to a lot of lighting in the kitchen we can get away with the black.

Point well taken as to why the lack of pictures!! :-)
There is/was a log home for sale with a black kitchen in the TN area but I can't find it. I did find this before and after shots of 2 kitchens which are not in log homes. Keep in mind that both have other walls and ceilings in white, they are professionally lit for the photos and it is daytime.

I noticed some log homes where they just did the center island in black and that looked pretty neat.

This link is not for distressed black, but it is dark colored and gorgeous!
Only the island is black but maybe this will give you an idea with colors as the logs are a light honey color.
In my opinion, a lot depends on the size of the kitchen, as well as the amount of area the cabinets take up. Another factor, how high are the ceilings?

Have you considered doing all or partial open-cabinets as well? The distressed black might work really well that way as well. I've been seeing a lot of open-cabinets lately, I'm thinking it's a revived trend.

Finally, you could do a distressed dark, not necessarily black, if you thought it would be too much for the kitchen.

I did a Google image search as well as a Flickr search and found some photos, though they weren't of log cabins!
the attached image is from, where you can find a lot more photos of her kitchen. is a flickr photo of a mix of distressed and not distressed.

hope this helps!
Our cabinets were the original oak installed over 20 years ago; we were nervous about painting them black/distressing, but I promise you this--they're beautiful and as soon as we saw them, we were thrilled with our choice! We thought they might darken our kitchen too much, but that hasn't been the case at all.

Thanks for finding my pics; I hope they give all a glimpse into how beautiful they can be.

~ Robin ~ PENSIEVE

A kitchen matching your description was actually chosen as the cover for the October 2010 issue of Country's Best, which hits newsstands Sept. 7:

Inside, we detail how to create this effect, as well as provide another example of a dark-blue stained kitchen that may provide further inspiration for your kitchen design.

The comments here are all worth noting, but the key is striking the right balance. Darker colors don't necessarily mean the space will feel cramped, as a kitchen pro details in response to another kitchen featured in the issue; when used correctly, they can provide the beautiful contrast you desire. Open designs also help, especially if there is plenty of natural light to surround it.

Other resources from that may be of use:

Good luck with your project.

I don't have black distressed cabinets but I do have white distressed cabinets. I originally wanted black but the cabinet folks suggested white instead - very glad we did the white. The black would have been too dark - IMHO! Just a thought.
Hi everyone! I just wanted to say thanks so much for all the advice and input and pictures! We have 9 ft 6in ceilings in our kitchen and it immediately opens to the great room. The more pictures I see of it, the more I like it! I haven't found one picture of it that I don't like. We'll have to make a decision in the next month or 2, but I'm really thinking we'll stick with the distressed black in both upper and lower cabinets, and go with a very light colored counter top. We are planning on staining the walls with a clear stain, and have the hardwood floors basically match. I think with all of this, it'll be a beautiful contrast to the natural wood.

Again, thanks to everyone!
i am an artist.. i love the addition of black to any room.. but i would do it in small doses.. after awhile black can get depressing.. to much of a good thing... in my opinion i would use it as an accent cabinets.. like either the upper cabs lower cabs or just the island. it will as stated before darken an area.. kitchen is one place you dont want to darken. why not do a cherry wood or other simular dark stain which light will reflect off of.. any dark stain or color will pop againest light walls and floors. or instead use black counter tops .. just a thought.. billie mitchell


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