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Hi guys,

    I have a question that I hope you can help me with.  In the image below I have three different stain / finish combinations on 100 year old Douglas Fir that has been torched with a propane weed burner and Osborne brushed.  The middle board has been treated with Permachink Ultra 7 Carmel and Chestnut and the Permachink Satin top coat and on the right the board has been treated with 7 coats of SeaFin teak oil.  I like the Permachink product because of it's breath-ability and the ability to let moisture out without letting moisture in.  The more I look at the three samples though the more I am gravitating towards the unfinished timber on the left.  It appears more rustic and natural to me.  I could finish with a satin coat of the Ultra 7 but will I get the UV and water repellency / breath-ability  that I would with the stain / top coat combination?  If not, does anyone know how I can achieve that without putting more color into the wood?  I also want to treat the timbers with a colorless insect / anti-rot treatment, like Shell Guard before sealing it.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


John Sheppard

Monroe, WA

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You will not get any UV protection to any clear coat. Pigments give you that. If you want the natural weathering, the natural graying will give you that UV protection, but will do nothing for moisture penetration. Here is a product that will do that moisture barrier with natural weathering.

I have never used this product. So check with the manufacturers, before taking my word on this subject:)


Thanks for the reply Raymond.  In looking at the specs PWood doesn't appear to be breathable but rather a water barrier that keeps moisture from entering or leaving the timber.  I've got an email out to the manufacturer to ensure that I am not making any erroneous assumptions.

Kevin Piatz, can you speak to the characteristics of the Ultra-7 Satin top coat?  Specifically, will it provide a breathable moisture barrier for the wood?  In this type of application what can I reasonably expect as far as longevity of finish.  Only 4 posts and 4 of the beams on the west facing gable will have direct exposure to sun or wind driven moisture all other will be protected by the roof of the timber framed structure.


John Sheppard

Monroe, WA

Hi John,

I've been trying not to be a salesman on these pages that are really for the homeowner not the salespeople but because you asked I will go into it a little and then if you would like more information or samples you can email me at

Lifeline Ultra-7 is a breathable and flexible film forming finish that stays on the surface of your logs or wood siding offering protection from UV damage and water infiltration while still being able to let moisture vapor escape. We've tested this finish for years in every kind of harsh environment and it is the best technology that we have ever created for exterior wood care, with the best adhesion to clean bare wood and the best UV protection that we can put in a finish.

The finish is protected by Lifeline Advance clear topcoat which comes in a Satin or a Gloss. This topcoat is also breathable and flexible and contains mildewcide, fungicides. This topcoat extends the life of our exterior finishes and makes it easier to keep your wood clean.

By cleaning the system once or twice a year as needed with our Log Wash concentrate and adding a maintenance coat of Lifeline Advance as necessary you can expect to maintain this system for a very long time. Easily 5-7 years or more depending on conditions like weather, keeping up with maintenance cleaning, etc.

Please see our Lifeline Finish Application Guide for more information or email me directly.

Good luck with your project and remember whatever you decide to use, follow the manufacturers guidelines for preparation and maintenance.

- Kevin, PCS Redmond


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