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I sure this has been talked about, but I couldn't locate a blog or previous chat topic on it. Any suggestions on getting rid of carpenter bee's? Have a white pine, round log. "Real Log Home" with ample stain, but those pesky like (huge) things are making swiss cheese out of the pine trim boards. When I able to locate aftet identifying the saw dust on teh roof shingles or deck, I use a coat hanger, stick it in the hold to take care of them and caulk the hole, but is there a way of distraction them?

~ken brown~

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It may be a little late in the season to kill most of them but that doesn't stop me:)

I have had great success with "Bayer" spray that is readily available at Lowe's and probably Home Depot. Listed as good for Carpenter Ants and Bees. I mix it about twice as strong as recommended simply because I force it into their bored holes. I am sure I am killing a number of the larvae plus the females. In case you didn't know, the males die after mating. Don't get the notion you have licked them when you see gobs of them laying on the roof or deck.

I have used two methods of getting the spray into the holes, a low pressure garden sprayer, which gets real heavy carrying it up a ladder multiple times. The other is a plastic spray bottle. I hold the nozzle at the hole and pump until the spray runs out of the hole. ONE VERY DEFINITE WARNING. THIS SPRAY IS TOXIC. WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES, PLASTIC GLOVES ETC. because it will run down your hand and it has some after effects that I do not like. Sometimes you need to be prepared for adverse conditions to get rid of these blasted bees.

I don't want to hear from any of you with your warnings of improper use etc. I know what I am doing and it kills the bees. If you follow my advice and prepare your clothing and protection for the spraying you will have no problems and a lot less bees. Just don't allow the spray to get on your bare skin and definitely not into your eyes.
Thanks for the advice Marion, we'll give it a try. Do you think it would work BEFORE the bees begin boring. Just saturate the trim boards BEFORE they start digging. Will the chemical prevent them from landing?

Thanks again
~Ken Brown~
The spray has to come in contact with the bees. That is my problem with the sprays that have Pyrethrin (spelling) the bees need to ingest the wood that has been sprayed and it doesn't work as well as contact. Carpenter ants are definitely killed when they ingest the wood.

Early in the spring when it begins to get around 70 degrees in the sun, I spray the solution on all the overhangs and areas I know they normally visit. I am sure some of the spray enters the holes and they crawl through it. I use a sprayer that connects to a garden hose but you need at least 50 or 60 pounds of water pressure to do any good. The spray makes a mess on the windows but I can wash the windows to get rid of the bees.

The spray will not prevent them from landing.

ALSO: You need to remember that the females lay their eggs in those holes/burrow in the Spring and early Summer. They feed those larvae all summer long. The pollen they turn to liquid will drip on the roof and your decks. Next Spring the larvae hatch and the cycle starts over. If you do not kill the adults they will continue boring all summer or as long as it is above 70 degrees. Seldom see them when it is in the 60's.

I am not normally. one advocate increasing the dosage on sprays but if you mix the concentrate according to the manufacturers instruction you will not kill many bees.

Hope this helps!
Very interesting Marion, thanks for the help. Will give it a try. Have seen dead male bee's on the deck. Here I thought things were working well, little did I know those poor bastards die after mating. My wife likes that idea (lol)

Ken Brown
Ken: Check out and then click on the "Carpenter Bee" tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on their "carpenter bee kit". If you are getting ready to re-stain your home, consider the "green" organic additive called NBS-30. Basically it's citronella so the exterior of your house will smell "sweet" for a few days but will keep the bees, flies, ladybugs, spiders, etc away and off your home. The Bayer stuff mentioned elsewhere in this posting also works well. I've used all of these products on my log home at one time or another in the past 17 years and found that the NBS-30 works great. Cheers - Donald
Ken, You need to get pesticide inside the hole before you caulk it. Otherwise, the larvae hatch, and return to the same hole when they are ready to lay their eggs. The coat hanger breaks down the pollen walls, but does not kill all the larvae. If you'll send me an email to, I'll send you an information sheet in PDF format that will help.

Merry Anne
I have typed about this subject COUNTLESS numbers of times and am still amazed at the misinformation that is thrown out. Rather than re-type the entire page I printed, please search in the archives of this website. Neither Carpenter Bees nor Carpenter Ants ingest wood or cellulose material; They ONLY excavate for nesting areas. Do NOT use ANY pyrethrins as they have a very short residual (but do provide a quick kill). Use synthetic pyrethroids such as Beta Cyfluthrins, Lambda Cyhalothrins, and Deltamethrins.
The female Carpenter Bee does NOT feed the larva all summer, but rather will place a pollen pack within the burrow, lay one egg, then enclose that cell. She normally will do this 9-11 times. Keep in mind that the female does give a powerful sting if provoked. The male does not sting.
Merry, as an employee of Permachink, you should know from reading the labels that ALL pesticides say the following: "DIRECTIONS FOR USE
I'm sorry I didn't state the fact that the female feeds those larvae all summer, in the correct manner. I did not mean that she only fed one larvae and I did not state exactly how she does it, didn't seem to matter but I suppose some folks would worry about that.

You cannot be serious about the directions on a container!!! I bet everyone in the world adheres to the directions to the letter except me, I am definitely ashamed.

I stand by my statement that the bees are not affected by any product that does not contact them and the ants do ingest wood particles although I do admit that a topical spray is more affective. The ants leave trails of excrement that really does contain product from the "cellulose" or wood fiber.

I agree the female bee encloses the egg/larvae in a cocoon if you will, and she lays another egg next to that cell until the excavation is as full as she desires before going to another spot.

You can comment/re-type any of your dissertation you like but what I do works, that and folks being careful with use of any and all pesticides etc. is all I care about.
Nope, they don't eat wood or cellulose...ever. A degree in Entomology and owning multiple pest control companies is how I know.
And I am very serious about following the label on the container. It's the law. It's people like you that will ultimately cause all pesticides to be taken off the public shelves, and will cause people like me to line our pockets with their money. Canada has already done so. Imagine not even being able to buy a can of Raid at the grocery. I actually expect that to happen in the next few years with the environmental concerns and left-wing politicians we have now.
Merry Anne, my apologies. I meant to address the other lady, Marion.
Now I am really hurt, I am very much a man with a family. LOL

Some things even slip by degrees.

There are thousands of products that have been banned from the market. Some were good most were bad "sucker bait" to begin with. The good ones were by and large discontinued because of so called ENVIRONMENTALISTS. Read my post for using the spray RP. I gave a full description of what the product could do both good and bad. I did not think for a moment that everyone on this forum was stupid enough to use the spray improperly.

I am done with this conversation. I am no professional in anything but I use common sense and the knowledge I have collected and saved in all my years of being in the field, I feel I know what I am talking about.
you settle down lady
Centuries ago Solomon wrote that, "In the multitude of counselors there is accomplishment." Proverbs 15:22
What is helpful about peaceful forums is that in the sharing of thoughts and ideas, including opinions, the reader gains insite and knowledge so that an informed decision can then be made. I appreciate all of the input offered in these forums and I have learned alot. Not every entry was absolutely correct or the best advice but it leads to responses that get us all to the right place. Please do not get scared off or offended when someone else disagrees with you. And, if you must 'fight', fight nice !
Marion, RP, and others, stay the course and keep entering what experience and suggestions you wish to share and the rest of us will learn a bunch from all the enteries.


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