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I will be refinishing my house this spring and had a few questions.

1.  I was planning on using Perma-Chink Lifeline 2, but I recently discovered that Woodguard was previously used on my home.  Since Woodguard is a deep penetrating oil based stain I think it will be best to stick with an oil based stain.  Am I correct thinking this?


2.  Woodguard seems to be oily to the touch even long after being applied.  For that reason I would prefer to not use it.  Is there another oil based stain that would work that isn't oily to the touch years later?  I was considering Weatherseal or Sashco Transformation.


3.  What about caulking compatibility?  I'm assuming that since the stain is oil based there are many caulks that would not work.  I see there is a letter from Sashco stating all of their log sealants (Conceal, Log Builder, Log Jam, Chinkers Edge)  had good adhesion with Weathseal stain, and obviously they would work with Sashco Transformation.  Is one of these preferable over the other?  And do I need to stink with these caulks/chinks from Sashco or would the Dap polyurethane caulk work?


4.  What about staining of the caulking?  We would prefer the caulk match the stain.  Will these caulks accept the color of the stain if I caulk before staining?


5.  I have no idea what type of caulk is currently on.  It is somewhat soft and pliable, although I know it's been there for years.  I also believe some clear silicone was applied in a few locations.  Do I need to pull all the old caulking out, or can I caulk over it then stain?


For what it's worth my logs are tongue and groove milled D Profile from what I believe is pine.   





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Yep. I get that, and we've done that on homes we've helped restore in the past. We've also taken logs that have been stained over a few years with a deep penetrating oil (Chevron Shingle Oil), cut them open and seen the oil penetrate inches deep (in one case, 3" deep into a 10" diameter log). I can't imagine any process or combination thereof being able to remove all of that.

-- Charis

You can remove it with either chemical stripping or blasting. Both work like a charm. We have removed Woodguard many times and installed Perma-Chink, and have never, ever, had an issue like the one you have described. Then again, not all companies know how to properly perform chemical stripping.


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