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I recently noticed the seal on the side of my house where the log wall meets the chimney

shoulder (the transition area where the chimney tapers out wider for fireplace) has begun

to fail. The are where this is occuring has a slope of about 30 degrees, and has a slate

covering over the chimney. The gap between the logs and the chimney was filled with mortar, and a caulking type sealant was applied to the upper part of where the mortar

touches the home. I noticed the caulking peeling, and after chiseling away some mortar

I found a small section of the log beginning to rot. My plan is to remove the slate and see

what is under neath. I would imagine the proper way to seal this area would be to use some type of flashing to prevent water from getting in. Fotrunately the area is small

enough that I can scrape away the rotted part, treat it and use some epoxy to fill in, I am just unsure what the best method would be to seal this area...

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The definition of chinking is being able to improvise to seal a log home.  A chinker is a person familiar with sealing log homes.  You need a chinker.

Thomas Elliott

Log Home Finishing

Thank you so much for your informative reply. I take it you must not be a professional chinker, because if that was the case you could quite easily explain the proper technique with about the same effort and time it took you to send your reply.

I'm trying to inspire you to be creative.  If you could possibly provide photos I could help you.

Didnt mean to sound harsh, I'm just a little ticked about this whole deal. If you look at the first question on this page, it is similar to the picture on the bottom right, except the roof would be the shoulder of my chimney with a slate covering, not asphalt shingles. There is a link to a pdf on that section of the page with a diagram on how to install flashing for that situation, I am leaning towards this method after repairing the rot. I will upload some actual pictures later today if possible.


Last night I ripped off the slate, underneath it appeared to be concrete, with a scratch coat of mortar and metal lath, installed on top of plywood with roof paper



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