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We have just about finished moving into our new to us log home. The house is 25 years old and has been kept up very well. We are so excited about our new home,and absolutely love it. It is a large home 2600 square ft two stories 4 bedrooms, a great room ,den, dinning,pantry,and a attached 2 car oversize garage on 2.5 acres of seclusion among the redwoods. As you can see were quite proud of or new place. My question is how do you clean the interior log's ? The walls are knotty pine with a clear finish on them , but the logs appear to be natural. Over the years dust has settled in, and were not sure what to use. I believe just a rag and warm water,but I really don't know. Any help would be nice.



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Hi, Tom.


Congrats on your purchase!  That's always very exciting.  I'm jealous about the location...I LOVE the Redwoods.  I have family in Vacaville, CA & love visiting the redwoods whenever we're out there.


To clean, use Swiffer dusters or some other electrostatic duster first, to get off the bulk of the surface dust.  A brush attachment on your vacuum will work, too, but is generally more work than the Swiffers.   THEN go back in with warm, soapy water and rags.  Murphy's Oil Soap works well.  Just don't use the warm water before you've gotten the majority of the dust off first.  It just makes a bigger mess.  Work from the top down, in case there are drips.


Hope that helps.  Enjoy the nice long weekend!


-- Charis w/ Sashco - -


Charis, Thank you for the tip. It sounds like a good plan. Glad I asked. I've lived up here my whole life, and still love the Redwoods. This property is pretty neat. It's as if a large hole was just cut open from above, leaving our house right in the middle of all the trees. We really love it. Redwood trees are messy though. Lots of leaves and branches. I think I have enough small and large downed branches for kindling and starting wood for life. I hope you have a nice long weekend also.



Happy to help, Tom.


We have a lot kindling here in Colorado right now, too.  It's all a result of beetle kill.  The problem is that the fires aren't taking place in any fire place or fire ring, it's homes & mountain sides going up in flames.  Thankfully, much of our mountains got upwards of 150-200% of the normal snowpack this year, so we should be safe for the summer.  :-)


Enjoy cleaning, and enjoy your spot of the sky amongst the giants. 


-- Charis

Well I hope you do stay safe and away from those fires. I was a firefighter for two seasons with the California division of forestry, now called Cal Fire. I have seen way to much destruction for sure.
Tom, Lets see some pictures!!

Hey Guy's, Yeah I know I need to post some Pics soon , Been sooo busy with this move,and the massive amounts of landscaping and wood cutting and splitting wood just just about to the point of being able to kick back and really enjoy our new Log Home, and of course take some pictures. My wife took a couple yesterday from the backyard,Ill see if I can pull them up.




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