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I hope this isn't to far off topic, but I was just wondering what different ways the members here have tried to clean the glass on the inside of their woodstoves. I've heard easyoff oven cleanerbut that seems a little bit harsh.

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Replies to This Discussion used an exacto knife blade to scrape off the soot. works well.
Hey Tom,

Windex. Believe it or not, Windex usually removes 99% of my glass buildup. I heat my home in the winter exclusively with a woodstove (in fact I'm off to cut some more firewood in a few minutes). I clean my glass about once per week or after I've let a fire burn too low and smolder... creating a soot buildup. Straight windex (only on cool glass) takes care of most and anything too stubborn I scrape with a safety razor blade. I've never had a buildup that required anything stronger than Windex. Even if the buildup is thick and baked on, spraying a couple times and letting it soak in usually does the trick.

Since you are a woodstove user, you may want to see the unique indoor firewood rack I created for our home. I call it my "I call it my "Ultimate Firewood Rack - Butler - Storage - Time Saver - Furniture ..."! I posted it here last year under the DIY group.
I've actually used a glass cleaner designed specifically for wood stoves, sorry can't remember the brand name, but it does exist!  One tip though, make sure you cover your seals because it will eat the adhesive if you get it on there.


I use a glass cleaning product made by Rutland. It works great!! You may have to work a little on the real bad areas but I do recommend this product. I didn't want to used a razor blade in fear it may scratch the glass. Good luck.





Thanks for the tip.  I'll put it on my shopping list.  Thanks,





Yup , Windex works good , and i always use newspaper to wipe it off , its not so soft as like bathroom tissue so its schrubbing , and never would scratch the glass , there is in Canada a glass and stove cleaner for sale , the brand is Timber, its from Kel Kem Ltd ,in Pickering Ontario,it works good , but is a chemical base , so i used it only when the glass is really brown/black                                                               

Hi Tom,

Here's an easy and free way to clean your wood stove glass.

Do  this when your stove is cold.

Get several damp paper towels and several dry ones. Open stove door and place some dry paper towels or newspaper under the door to catch any ash that falls off. Dip a damp paper towel in the ashes in your stove and rub the glass until all the ash is smeared around. Continue cleaning the glass with your damp paper towels until glass is clean. You might have to dip into the ash several times and really scrub if your glass is super dirty, but the ash will clean the glass completely with enough elbow grease. Afterwards dry the glass completely and enjoy.

I don't recommend putting the damp paper towels in your stove if you plan on making a fire immediately as they tend to cause your fire to smolder and get your glass dirty again. Hope this helps. Karen

I use a cleaning product called "Krud Kutter" on the inside of our Fireplace glass doors. Just spray it on and in only a couple of minutes it will desolve the black , baked on buildup. Works better than anything I have tried.


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