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I was wondering if anyone would know the estimated cost of cob blasting a 1900 sq ft ranch style log home. The house was built in 1994 and has never been recoated but is in pretty decent shape. I tried power washing one end but it removes part of the finishing fairly easy creating a spotted looked. I wanted the finish to have a like new look again and I just don’t think I’ll get those results from power washing.

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Good Evening Scott,

Powerwashing a log home will just clean the wood but it will not take off the finish.

If you are looking to get back to the bear wood you might want to think about cob blasting it.

Some distributor's rent out the blasting machine's or we have a contractor's list that we refer out. But not just any contractor get's put on the list.

We do rent the machine's for $80.00 a day, we also sell the grit-o-cob which is a 40 lb bag and it is $16.00 a bag. We have estimated that 2 to 3 bags will cover about 100 sq. ft. You would also have to rent a air compressor that will do 175-185 CFM's in order for The Kernel Cob blaster to work.

Now there are other types of blaster's out there which will also work. Some contractor's will use a glass bead. I am not sure how much they charge for there rental's.

It would take about 2 8 hours days for a average size log home. Aprox 2,000 sq. ft. home.

We do ship these blaster's and media to your door by freight. Or you may want to check with someone closer to your area.

Again if you have any questions I would be happy to help you!!!!

Feel free to email me at and I would be happy to send you out 3 lbs of great information on how to take care your log home and information on the blaster.

Again trying to help the consumer out there!!!!!!!!


I'm interested in your list of contractors who do cob blasting. Anyone in Oregon?

You say "We do rent out a blaster..." Who is "we"? Where are you? I'm very new to the form.

Hi B Mershon,

We are a distributor for Sashco Products in NY. We do ship out the cob blaster any where in the states.

You can view us on

If you are interested feel free to email me and we be happy to send you out some literature to better educate you!

You can email me at and I would be happy to get your information right out to you.


Hi Becky,

Working in Oregon can be very difficult and hazardous to one's wallet. Anyone who works or advertises for work in the State of Oregon must be licensed by the State Contractors Board. If you should be so lucky as to get caught working or advertising without being licensed, you can be fined (I believe) up to $15,000 and up to one year in jail. It's really easy to find out if a person is licensed, just ask for their contractors number and then check them out with the contractors board.

The only licensed contractor I know in Oregon that does this type of work is Tim Bilyeu 503-867-0612. He is licensed, bonded and insured. He builds, sells and restores log homes.

Thanks for you time

... Jim ...



Scott,if you want to get the stain off try using some kind of chemical stripper and then power wash off
cob blasting should be the last resort when taking off stain,because when you cob or glass blast you
are taking some of the wood off and also opens up the pores in the wood,so whatever stain you are
using will be darker,were the pores soak up the stain,to get a true look after blasting you can put
prelude on first coat and that will seal up the pores and make your stain look like the color you chose.We also rent blasters and sell glass media,cheaper then corn and does a great job.also we can send out samples of strippers if you give me a email at with your address I will send you out
some samples of our strippers for you to try.Thanks Greg.
Scott have you found anybody yet, i have run, with my father. and can handle blasting, washing, borcal, any staining...and many side projects for log homes..Im actually going out on my own and looking for model homes for my own website, (i can make u a great deal). Not sure if you need any but log siding and full log replacements are no problem travis, if you decide to do it your self feel free to email me, i check it everyday
Improper blast job's can leave a log home looking extremely is a very slow process and a very particular process...... I charge for materials and labor $4-$7 per sqft of wall surface, AND yes I know it is high but I have yet to see a comparable blast job that makes me think my abilities as a Cob blasting hand are challenged...make sure it's done right the 1st time or you will be looking at no so attractive log home for the next 10-15 years until the stain is able to blend in the blotchy areas. Take a look at the blast job in my pictures, a proper blast job should look like that. 100% uniform color around the home and you cannot tell the home was corn blasted unless your standing face to face with the log's. Corn blasting is very labor intensive. You should be able to find someone willing to do the blasting for $2-$3 per sqft of wall surface.
Hi can you or could you refer me to someone that does corn blasting in CT


We are doing a log restoration just outside of Baltimore in the spring, would love to do another one over there while we're at it. I could to give you a quote, on blasting and restoring the old part of your home, and then finishing everything to mesh together, we mix our pigments on sight, we can do that. My preliminary assesment and quote is free through email pics and measurements. We have reasonable rates, do good work and have lots of referals available.


HI LHD Finishing. I recently had my logs media blasted by a professional company out of Vermont and the logs now looks EXTREMELY blotchy just like you described. They claimed that they used the ozzy brushes after but this just doesnt look right. Can you provide any info? Should I contact them about this? I paid a decent amount of money to have this done. At first I was happy becuase I didnt know what to look for and it looked way better than it did previously but now after reading what you wrote and talking to others I am very disappointed with the result.

Here is what media blasting logs in very poor condition looks like.  Some images of media blasting a log home in Colorado.


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