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I was wondering if anyone would know the estimated cost of cob blasting a 1900 sq ft ranch style log home. The house was built in 1994 and has never been recoated but is in pretty decent shape. I tried power washing one end but it removes part of the finishing fairly easy creating a spotted looked. I wanted the finish to have a like new look again and I just don’t think I’ll get those results from power washing.

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EZMARY, ideally over time you maintain your stain with interval re-coats and never have to media blast. If you have a home with a failed finish and you hire Log Home Finishing to media blast as a preparation step we will take care of the mess. The mess is simply contained with tarps, and then shoveled up and taken to the dump. Never had a customer complain about the mess after blasting because we leave a clean job site!

Go to for information on log home restoration on the west coast.

I prefer to sand entire house over cob blast. It makes for a better prepped surface and the final product looks better. Cob blasters are good for hard to reach areas like corners. I would rather use glass media than cob. 

I've been building for fifteen years and restoring log homes for ten of those. I would recommend not cob blasting. It is an organic material the corn will get into everywhere it will rot and mould and attract rodents. The finish leaves a raised grain appearance. Chemicals also not a great choice it leaves a blotchy appearance. The best way I find is sanding it takes away what you don't want and your not bringing in any new problems. Inbox me if you have some questions.
Vancouver and area

You could also use Osborne Buffing Brushes that are used with a right angle grinder.


Osborn Brushes are great for after blasting buffing. It would be very labor intense and expensive to do the finish removal, as these brushes are $75 a brush, and one brush won't go very far when you are using them for finish removal. They are simply just an expensive buffer. They are the best product we have found for buffing logs.

Bill, rotting organic material? Is that what mulch is made of? We are talking a trace, or a dusting of organic dust left on your lawn or landscape, after clean-up. What rodents are we attracting? If you are talking carpenter ants and borates, any reputable restoration company will do a borate treatment after finish removal.


If the concern is rodents, crushed recycled glass could be used instead for media blasting.  Just as big of a concern with raised grain from blasting is compressed grain from sanding to remove a finish.  



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