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I was wondering if anyone would know the estimated cost of cob blasting a 1900 sq ft ranch style log home. The house was built in 1994 and has never been recoated but is in pretty decent shape. I tried power washing one end but it removes part of the finishing fairly easy creating a spotted looked. I wanted the finish to have a like new look again and I just don’t think I’ll get those results from power washing.

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Cob blasting is one of the most effective ways to refinish a log home! I have been in this industry fro 60 years. They do have to be thoroughly vacuumed and drop clothed to get rid of the cob grit. 60/40 cob grit works well. I have sanded, planed, and done many other tactics. Cob blasting equipment I own since I decided it was a good investment. It can be done in practically any weather at any time of year.

Could you post a couple pictures. I bought a cabin two years ago that was built in 1979. last owner painted it before it sat empty for a couple years. I'm in same boat as you were. structurally sound and logs mostly in good shape but needs a serious face lift. Im extremely handy and plan to do most work myself.

If I still had the pictures I would, but laptop crashed that I had them saved on. I would advise of taking a work shop class, before diving in. "Perma-Chink offers them. I did not use their products as I wanted to go back with Sikkens but I did learn a lot. Many You tube videos you can search on cob blasting as well. I use straight cob on mine but some folks use a mixture of cob & fine sand if you have a heavy build up of paints to cut through, I would start with cob and light air pressure, working your way up to the amount of air & media that you need to prevent damage from being to aggressive. It's going to take some time from start to finish.....


That's amazing to hear that you were able to complete everything yourself.  Do you have photos to share of the finished product?

What stain and chinking materials and colors did you end up using?

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