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Hello there everyone!  I'm new to the forums and a first time log home owner.  I recently purchased a kit log home, built in 2002 in Northwestern Wyoming.  The previous owner did everything himself, and did almost none of it well! He painted the home with exterior latex house paint :/.  He also did not do any additional caulking and chinking as the home settled and as cracks formed in the logs.  In the 2 months that I have owned it I have been filling cracks with acrylic latex caulk, and with Sashco big stretch caulk.  I have also been touching up the chinking with Log Jam chinking.

I have been doing lots of research, and next summer I am going to blast the paint off the house, and replace it with a good stain.  I have access to a contractor grade trailer air compressor, so right now I plan on doing it myself with either crushed glass or corn cob media (any recommendations there?).  

My question is this; The chinking between my logs is at least an inch and a half wide in most places, when I am blasting the paint off of the areas right against the chinking, will the chinking itself be damaged? Do I need to be cautious around the gaps?

Secondarily; I have been using mostly brown caulk and backer rod to fill gaps and cracks in the logs, will the blasting effect this?  How will the stain effect the caulking?  Will I need to chisel out all of the brown chinking to not have it stand out against the stain?  I plan on staining a dark color, to better combat the intense UV we get up here (7500' elevation)

Sorry for all of the small questions lumped into one thread, but thank you for reading! Looking forward to contributing around here.

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You will need to use glass to remove the paint. Use the finest grit size you can get.This takes paint off metal in an instant, so do a good masking job on every window, door, fixtures ect. We use rolled asphalt roofing for Windows and doors. Don't worry about the caulking and chinking too much if it's cured. It mostly bounces off, you go over it pretty fast. You will get a little media embedded, but after it t is stained it just looks like texture of chinking. Also, permachink makes a chinking paint.

Make sure you do a log cleaning and brightening wash after the blasting, and apply wood preservatives before restaining.

Ray Wengerd
Town & Country Log Homes

Log Home Finishing has been media blasting log homes in Colorado for many years.  Your question comes up often and the answer is NO media blasting will not damage the chinking.  Media blasting is low pressure high volume and as long as you use a good tip and aim for the material that you want to remove there won't be any damage to the chinking.  

You can see photos of finished homes and media blasting in process on our Facebook Page:

Thomas Elliott

Log Home Finishing

you might want to look in to CO-2 blasting aka dry ice blasting, I did have one customer who used it on his logs to get them cleaned up after sitting for a while, he was very pleased with the results ,

just a thought



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