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We are ready to select deck material, we have a very large deck.   We are firm that we want composite.  I would like to hear your comments.  Mold, stains, chipping, etc  Please provide decking material.  


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If you like the feel of hot plastic on your bare feet then go for it.  I think red wood and teak make the nicest decks that you just can't wait to take off your shoes and walk on.  Also at higher elevations, that composite decking breaks down 4 times faster than wood with the UV damage.  Composite decking is like a fake leather jacket, seems like a good deal, but as soon as your touch it plastic doesn't lie, it's plastic.

Tighten up your joist spacing and stay away from concealed fasteners. The 6" wide trex type of material needs drilled and face screwed, or it will cup and wiggle loose. Go look at a deck that is 10 years old and see if it's what you expect. And how the railings were tied in aesthetically. In some applications, it is great. Otherwise, I'd spend the money up front for Ipe, cumaru, concrete or the twice baked Cox PT decking quality.


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