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Hi all,

Brand new here, and wondering if any of you have opinions on this: concrete log home vs. wood log homes.  I've just moved from Florida to Tennessee with the intent of building a wooden log home.  Also, just discovered that there is a company out in Montana that can craft realistic looking logs from concrete.... EverLog, I believe, is the correct name.  Has anyone here had any dealings with them, or if you are a builder, have you ever constructed a building from EverLog?

I have property picked out and really want to get started on a house.  Any and all input is appreciated (well, I think it will be).  Thanks much...

newbie, want-to-be, log home owner

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Not having touched or seen in person a concrete log my opinion is biased. I don't think you can replicate the warmth and comforting feeling that real logs can give you in concrete.  I"m not saying that a concrete log isn't for you, it just wouldn't be for me. I think both would be very sturdy homes as log homes have withstood fires and hurricanes over stick built homes. Wood is known to be warm to the touch and comforting, two things that make a log home wanted by anyone who has been in one, which I just can't imagine that a concrete log can deliver. I am guessing one advantage would be no refinishing on a concrete log. If possible go see both types of homes. Only you can decide which one fits your wants and desires. I, personally feel concrete to be a less desirable way to go.

Thanks, Glenn V, for the input.  I, like you, feel that the concrete may be a little less warm than a true log home.  Will try to find out where the two EverLog homes have been built in Tennessee, and if they are close I will try to visit them.  Also, in my case, cost is a big factor and it seems as if it's about 30% more expensive (minimum) to go the concrete route.


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