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How do you determine what it will cost to build your log home without anything custom, and go with the exact floorplan in your state? I live in Colorado and was curious of how this is figured out. Please help.

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Hi Regina,
Check thru the forum - this is a popular question. Here are a few links to previous discussions:

Hope this helps!
Thanks Shelley, the information and links were very informative.
Regina: I used the cost estimating worksheet provided by one of the log home magazines when my wife and I built our log home 17 years ago. It really helped to bring all the costs associated with building a home to light and was an excellent resource to keep our "dream" a doable "reality". Let me know if you would like a copy and I'll email it to you. You'll be very happy you did the advance work so you won't go over budget at the end. Using this worksheet helped keep us on budget. Have a great time building your log home. It will be the BEST investment you will make in a life time...Cheers...Donald
Yes, Donald I would appreciate a copy of the worksheet sent to the following e-amil address:

Thank you so much for helping and best of life to you and your wife.
I am looking for a copy of the cost estimating worksheet. I attended a seminar at Valley Forge in the spring and the workbook referenced a link to it that is no longer active. Please forward it to me also if it is not too much trouble. Thanks, Chris Yaletchko (
Hi Regina,
Here is what I do for many of my customers I work with.

First I do a ball park estimate based on one of our plans or a plan that you already have. The ball park estimate is used to determine if the plan you are interested in falls within your budget. In other words I do not want to charge you for a plan service on a plan that is beyond your expected budget.

The accuracy of my estimate will depend on how detailed your plan is and how specific you are with your choices. We have a very complete material package and there are few items you will have to source elsewhere. I have my own worksheet that I like to use that covers everything involved in the project including site work.

The most difficult part of my ball park is estimating the contractor costs. If you are building in Colorado, we have three dealers in that state and I have a good handle on what the labor costs will be from past work in the area. To get the accurate hard numbers you will have to get into a plan service and draft some accurate plans to present to prospective contractors.

In my experience some of the budget killers are in the cost of the site work. I have a project in Maine right now that they found where the log home will go they ran into solid rock and have to blast. This may add another 20k to the excavating. Another project in Montana the excavating costs came in 25k above what I would normally figure because of the added fill that was needed. And another project in Missouri that is ready to get started after checking out the land before purchasing he found that they would run into rock. The added cost to remove the rock would cost around 40 to 50k.

I hope this will give you some insight on your project. If you would like a copy of my worksheet let me know & I will sent it.


I was reading your response and was wondering if I could get a copy of your worksheet. I am also in the planning stages and am wondering the same thing. I would appreciate it very much.

It can be sent to


Hello Tim, Could i also get a copy of your worksheet please?

Thank You,



Do you still offer this?  I am in Michigan if that makes a difference.  My property is in the Petoskey area.  I do have a floorplan in mind as well.




Hello Tim, I think I will join the party and request a copy of your worksheet also
and I would greatly appreciate it!

Hello Tim, could i get that worksheet? Thanks!


Part of building your log home ill involve sealing the logs after its built.  There is no worksheet for this.  Be sure to calculate in at least about $3 / sq ft of your home for staining and chinking.

Thomas Elliott

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