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For some odd reason, for a long time I used ladders for even the most dangerous work, i.e. > 20 ft high, reaching into tight spaces, etc.  Now, this solution is not the cheapest, but I include it in my series, because it's cheaper than dying, and it makes high work sooooo easy.  I've gotten to the point where I just won't climb an extension ladder any more, so I had to find a solution, and here it is, the tow-behind bucket lift:

You can rent them from many industrial places, tow them with an F-150, fit them almost anywhere around your house, and usually, if you get them late Friday, you can keep them all weekend for under $300.  Can you imagine not having to endanger your life, reposition a ladder every 5 minutes, and getting your coating, caulking, repair work done in a fraction of the time?  I used one for three different weekends last year to coat and do repairs, and once you get used to the swaying, and the feeling that the thing will keel over (especially at full extension - which it won't if you don't do anything stupid), you can move wicked fast, way up high!

Skip the ladder!



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I can confirm how much better and safer one feels in these. I own a Genie TZ34-22 and was using it to weatherize the gables on my log home just a few days ago.

You do have to be aware of maintaining access around the structure. I use a compact tractor to move it around.

I meant to attach a photo of the Genie in use...


Hey Clause,

Beautiful home and great view!  That is the same rig that I used, and man, is it great.  Being able to do repairs with full and complete access to high areas, not having to stretch to reach tight spots, and just the general safety of using a lift is great, not to mention how fast you can work!

 Yeah, I love being able to have all the tools at hand. I used this rig to paint my main home (brush only) and I can do so much better work keeping the work at eye level.

A lot of people think I'm nuts to own this rather than renting, but I bought it second hand and I think I could resell it for not that much more than I paid for it. I use it for small jobs like pruning or cleaning gutters that would never justify the overhead of rental and return.

I looked for one for years before I found one. It's really the only practical lift for my use - no need for equipment trailer and light enough to be moved by tractor, towable with my pickup and the outriggers allow using it on uneven ground.

But I probably don't need to tell you any of this! And thanks for the comments on my cabin - it's a work in progress but already looks a whole lot better than on that picture.

Hi Dave! I admire your resourcefulness and would very much like to do the same. My problem, however, is since I live in the woods, it would be tough (unfortunately) to tow such a rig to any desired spot. Sigh - - a wooded environment has its advantages but also some disadvantages. But I'd never trade it for something else.  Best regards, Mo.


Hey Mo,

I live in the woods too, however, with the outriggers folded up, you'd be surprised where you can put one of these rigs.


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