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There are many projects and repairs to be made in this home.  One that bothered me the most was the wall issue.  Seems whoever framed the inside walls didn't bother to line the studs up with the grooves for the sheetrock to slip into.  I'm left with huge triangular gaps and open grooves.  I searched the internet and could not find where anyone else had this problem and so I was left to my own devices. :P.  I'm experimenting with the unfinished hall closet.  

What I did last night was fill the gaps with Great Stuff spray in foam.  I let it dry 12 hours and this morning I took a serrated knife and cut it flat along the sheetrock.  I then mudded it up with joint compound and tape.  I have to let it dry overnight but tomorrow will give it a light sanding and see how it's working out.  

I'm not sure what to do with the grooves in the logs other than leave them or put posts or moulding that would would cover them up in those corners.  My creative mind says go chop down a tree and park it  I also thought about chinking it but I'm not so sure how one vertical stripe down one corner of the room would look.  Ideas are welcome here.  

What would you have done differently?  I have rooms to go before I sleep!  Seems they didn't just stop with screwing up one wall.  It's every framed wall in the house. 

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