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My wife and I are long time log home dwellers. For most all of those years we have had the dumb cluster fly problems. Our current home has windows facing South floor to cathedral ceiling. Fly and ladybug heaven. A month or so back I bought a ultraviolet indoor bug zapper. So often I try things such as the zapper that don't work. Well bingo. The flys were gone in two days. We do still get one or two, but the machine makes short order of them. No solution for the ladybugs yet. Open to ideas if anyone knows a trick.

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Hello Frank - you might try locating the entry holes that the bugs/flies are getting in to and sealing them up. If you have tongue and groove that extends beyond the last rafter and through the gable end - the V-groove is usually where they find their way in.  Also around doors/windows where the jamb/buck meets the window frame.  A good re-caulking around these areas may help.  I've seen lady bugs crawl under the window sash, through the smallest cracks, and enter the home so maybe you'll have to live with a few.  For the outside you may try adding NBS-30 to your exterior finish.  This is basically a citronella based additive (organic) that repels ladybugs, flies, spiders, carpenter bees, etc. as they don't like the smell and tend to stay away.  On my log home I've found NBS-30 works wonders.

Thanks a bunch - with Spring hopefully ready to arrive its a good time to get this stuff done.

Donald has a great suggestion with the NBS-30. It works great with oil-based stains. I'd recommend Bug Juice with oil-based stains. (The citronella oil in NBS-30 can slow down proper drying of a water-based stain.) You might also consider having a blower door thermographic energy audit done. This will help you pinpoint where those flies might be getting in so you can seal them appropriately with caulking.

Hope that helps. Happy spring!

--- Charis w/ Sashco - - 


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