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My husband and I just purchased land in upstate NY and looking for a builder/supplier. Has anyone heard or or used E-log Homes? They are based out of Middlesex NC but have a location near us. They seem to have great prices on their packages. We are looking to just get the shell built, and finish the rest ourselves. Also, does anyone recomend what bank will finance us with just getting the shell up by the builder? i talked with wells fargo and they did say we are not allowed to be the GC 

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Nicole:   E- logs  Homes is the reincarnation of Amerlink Log Homes,  you can find a lot of information on Amerlink and E-log on this website and others.

Most mortgage providers have gotten away from letting the home owner act as the GC.

I am with Appalachian Log Homes, you can check us out at  We provide log homes and erection services throughout the country, and have done so in upstate New York.

If you like our product and need to talk further please feel free to email me at

Good Luck with your search.


You need to look up things on this company before going with them.  I hear they are Amerlink, which has had bad reviews and may have a bankruptcy on their record.  If your bank won't finance you, (with you the homeowner being the GC) find another bank.  We were our own GC and it worked out really well, and our bank preferred this, because the homeowner is really watching everything up close, for their interest as well as the banks.  You may have to show them that you have some building experience.  Good luck

If you dont mind me asking, what bank did you use? 

It was Home Federal Savings and Loan Association, but First Financial Bank has bought them out a few years ago.  Your best bet is to find and deal with a local bank, that knows you and the area.  Show that you have building experience (hopefully you do).  We also had any checks to be distributed, made out in our names as well as the sub contractors.  We had to sign the checks over to the subs , after we received lien releases, and were satisfied the work was done properly.  The bank also sent out their inspector, before they made out any checks.  We never paid anything in advance.  The log home company worked with a letter of commitment from the bank.  That is your biggest concern, do not hand any money up front to anyone!!!  I cannot stress this enough.  If anyone tells you companies don't work like that, YES they do.  I recently had a metal roof put on my home, and they got paid, when they were done, no upfront fees.  If a company ask you for upfront money , find someone else.  Times a lean, and reputable companies will wait to get paid.  Get those lien releases!  Good luck in your endeavors, and be careful!

Northern Lights Log Homes is custom, handcrafted log home company that has been building log homes across the United States for over 30 years. We have two locations; East- Massachusetts, West- Montana. You can bring any floor plan or we have several floor plans to choose from. We also build custom log Playhouses and Furniture. Contact for pricing information.
I love discussion forums but hate it when competing companies pile on a specific company and then start advertising their own . That type of intentional, fabricated ambulance chasing sows me the integrity of Those companies willing to ambush any competitor. Just because Eloghomes is bigger and has their own mill and lots more floor plans and all. ALH and Northern Lights need to study ethics.


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