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We are in the design phase for our log home.  I will be acting as our g.c. and our electrician.  What are the do's and dont's of doing electric in a log home?  Can we put can lights in an exposed wood ceiling on the main floor if there are bedrooms on the cape cod level or 2nd level?  What do we do about sound issues from people walking around on the 2nd floor.  What other options has other people come across for lighting other than can lights, fan/light combos and track lighting?

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We were told to put everything in at the building stage because we cannot add things later on.  We went overboard on the plugs everywhere but I am so happy we did.  Our electrician make almost all the plugs with 4 plugs instead of 2 - very happy about that!!  We wish we had put one more plug where were hang the Xmas wreath outside so we can put lights one it.  We do have 2 outdoor plugs but I wish we had one on all 4 sides of the outside instead of 2.  We are in Maine and we are also so happy we put a ceiling fan on the covered porch - keeps the bugs away.  We wish we had one in the bedroom though.  Sometimes you don't know what you want until you don't have it!  More is better - especially since you are the electrician!!  Where are you building?

We are looking into moving somewhere between cincinnati and maysville, ky.  Right now we live about 20 miles north of cincinnati, but want some acreage to build.  We are making sure that we have fans put into every bedroom, and are thinking about putting in fans above the loft and in the great room.  Where did you place your outdoor plugs at?  Do you have a wrap around porch?  Do you have the wiring and box exposed for the fan on your covered porch?  If you have any pics you can send me or post it would be great.

The fan was hard wired.  It was an afterthought so we had him remove one of the cans so there was wiring there and he replaced it with the ceiling fan.  We have an outdoor plug on the covered porch, one on the deck and one on the patio which is under the deck.  The outdoor plugs have a plastic box like cover over them - pretty standard.  No wrap around porch - we have a porch one one side and the deck facing the lake.

I posted 2 pictures but you can see more if you click on our name.  I'll have to take a picture of the fan on the porch for you.  I don't have that one.


Very nice!

Man those pics are awesome.  Thanks for providing those pics we have decided to do a wood tongue and groove ceiling not exposed wood ceilings, that will provide us with our can lights and thanks to you ceiling fans.

I made my own wire mold/conduit from wood to match my ceiling (like the old timers did back in the day), so I could run the lighting wire for the downstairs ceiling lights.  I have a bit higher ceilings (around 9 1/2' to the decking).  I also made a type of plaque to surround the ceiling electrical  box out of live edge cedar.  The wire mold goes from the wall where it meets the ceiling along the beam, and connects into the plaque which has a channel in it so the wire can feed up to the ceiling box.  I also like more than usual receptacles, and we like to place them a bit higher in most rooms.  We also like the LED night lights that are hard wired as a receptacle (I put them in a double box next to a receptacle)...they are real nice in the bathrooms and kitchen.  No more knocking night lights off of the wall etc. (they are flush), provide great low lighting at night.  I also light a lighted light switch on my kitchen light.

Even though I have a small Log home (part log), we have hanging 4 light mission style lights in our living room (Bungalow by Meyda).  I hang them from hooks screwed into the underside of the floor decking.  You can't use these in standard ceiling heights because they would hang to low.  In the small kitchen I have trusses to the ceiling, so I hung two larger 4' down lights...same idea....made wood plaques to cover the light boxes, but ran the wire in the insulation space above to roof deck.

If you could send me pics or add them here that would be awesome.  Never heard of the LED lights as a receptacle.  Who makes them and/or where did you get them?  Thanks for the heads up, the log home reps that we have been talking to says they had an extra course of logs and the ceiling are around 9'.  I will have to look into maybe adding another course or two and doing what you are saying.  Thanks for the great info.

You can get these LED night lights that go in a receptacle at Homedepot...probably Lowes too.  They are about $9.98 or close.

I just traced the shape of the electric box onto the live edge boards.  Cut it out with a jig saw, and used a circular saw to cut the channel on the underside to run the wire (you can use a router too).

For the wire mold (2nd pic), I used some left over 5/4 cedar decking that was about 1 1/2" wide and used my circular to cut a rabbit in one edge (underside) to run the wire in close to the beam.  I used small trim screws to attach them in case I ever had to take them apart or down.

The 3rd pic is the kitchen down lights plaque.  These were a bit more difficult because of the pitch of the roof (12/12), so I used some left over cedar slabs from milling my logs which had a good angle to them so the lights would hang properly. 


I used a screw hook into the underside of the decking (1 1/2" thick decking)  to hold the lights....I hammered a small piece of scrap copper pipe that I cut from some old 1 1/2" ornamental around the screw hook.  They hang down about 22" from the ceiling in the living room so you need a bit higher ceiling to be able to use these type lights.  These particular light are made by Meyda Tiffany, Bungalow series I think.....not cheap, but we really love them.  One we got at a salvage shop for about $65.00, the other one from the manufacturer to match.

I also forgot to mention...I have a small porch that wraps around my logs on two sides.  I also have a small front entry porch.  I have one receptacle on each side of the wrap around and one on the small front porch, also one by the walk-out basement.

I also put one water bib each,  on three sides.

Those are great ideas on the plaques that you made.  I understand about the led lights now, sorry I thought it was the size of a plug that was an LED.  On your plugs and water bibs are those on the same side as your porch?  If so where did you put those versus where the porch fell?  I am not sure if I want to put the deck flooring inline with the first course of logs or if I want it to be a step down so it falls below the foundation line.


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