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Is there anything we can do to prevent bats from entering the house? I just bought a new house in Aurora last month. There are hundreds of bats in the attic. I don’t know how, but somehow they are entering the house.

At first, I didn’t care much about it because they ate the bugs. But now more and more bats are coming and started to become a nuisance to the family. Moreover, bats can be dangerous too. They defecate a large amount of guanos ie, the bat feces. People say it’s toxic.

I already closed all the possible holes that they can access through. But they still managed to enter the house.
So, I think I might need pro wildlife removal guys here. I did some research and found a pretty good wildlife control services nearby. If anyone here has any opinion or suggestions please let me know.

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I've heard that cat urine helps drive them out.


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