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Everybody is trying to go green today and always looking for a product that is environmentally friendly.

There is a product out there that can be used for staining decks & fences, planters, house siding, logs, posts, furniture, doors & windows, veggie gardens, and timber construction, flower pots, picnic tables, raised planters, bird houses, gazebos, and marina docks.

This product will give you the old weathered gray look of a light brown or olive brown color. As it ages gives you a silver patina look.

No Maintenance
No need to ever scrap, re-stain or worry about fading or wear.

What is this wood treatment?
It is a highly effective wood treatment which beautifies outdoor wood.

This product looks like herbs & spices right out of your kitchen cupboard.

Once you apply this treatment there is no-maintenance ever again.

This product will not peel, or fade.

Will not harm soil, or water.

This products has been out there for over 60 years and again environmentally friendly.

This product comes in a powder form that you mix with water if you are using it immediately.

If you are not using it immediately you would mix it with distilled water. It keeps better in a sealed jar and will last a very long time.

If you would like more information on this product feel free to email me at and I would be happy to send you out some information!

Again trying to better educate the consumers and our environmentally consumers.


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Is this product "Lifetime"? I'm planning to build a little log home this summer, and have had this product recommended to me, because I like the "weathered" look, as opposed to the shiny, brown look. I've heard good things about it, but I'm a little wary since it doesn't seem to offer any protection from insects, and there are carpenter bees in the neighborhood!
Hi Elizabeth,

I understand your concern on the insects. Carpenter Bee's love wood, they like to drill in facial boards or soffits. But there are insecticide additivies that you can add to the stain to detour them.

Some stains have a borate in them to help protect against insects. Or you can add insecticides to your stain to help prevent insects.

And yes the product is LifeTime. It gives that weathered look and is environmentally friendly

There are alot of people with this product on there log home in the adirondacks.

If you would like I would be happy to send you out a sample to try!

If you have any other questions feel free to email me at and I would be happy to help you!

I'm skeptical. All products have a life span. What is this product you're speaking of?
Hi Beth,

The product is called LifeTime. This product you apply once and that's it. If you would like I can send you some literature. I will even send you a sample to try on a piece of wood and leave it right outside. You will notice in a couple of days the change in the color of the wood.
I will get it out in the mail today.

Again any questions feel free to email me at

I would like to see it, and I have a piece of log siding I can apply it to....
what this product does is oxcide the wood,turns it gray over time ,talking to a expert he
saids that the wood becomes dead,when the sun turns it gray or silver they are right
about no maintance but your wood would be dead.also he said that the wood would take on
water also.Just a thought here,this came from a contractor that has been in the business
of stainning over 15 years.There are gray stains out there that will not allow water to penetrate into the wood.
There is no such thing as maintenance free, and all products fail. Otherwise, the manufacturers would not be in business very long...

Wood that takes on water is vulnerable.

right on Beth
Hi Greg,

Again I know everyone is skeptical! But again I would be happy to send you out info.

Hi Beth,

I have sent you out some information about this product. This product will not fail and it is applied only one time! I would be happy to send you out some information on this product.

Hi Alan D,

I know everyone is skeptical of the product. But I would be happy to send you out some info.

Send me some too. You have our info. I'll try it on a test piece of wood...



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