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Hello Everyone,

Well, it's been awhile since my last post and thought I'd keep everyone up dated on our progress.  After about a year of construction and about 25% over budget we are finally complete with our project.  I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone might have while the pain is still fresh in my brain.



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Do you care to share what you are Finally Done on?  What is your project?  photos??

Oh sorry.  I thought that by reading my earlier discussions it was clear.  We are finally done building our log home.  Was not the easiest thing we've ever done.  Our new home is approximately 6 hours away from our existing home.  Made for a difficult process.  And,  because it was a log home, and this difficult economy, it was not easy getting construction loan, finding a qualified builder, and obtaining a final loan, even though getting pre approval, banks just aren't easily letting go of money.  But after a little over a year...we are done.

Hey Dave, Just saw you were here on the Log Home neighborhood. It was a long process with lots of memories, glad it's done, but do miss the view. Take Care, Mitch & Rene 


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