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Our floor plan shows the entry/foyer looking directly at the den/family room when you enter.  We are considering placing a free standing wood stove/pellett stove between the two, without encasing it in brick or stone. Either side will be open, no walls.  It will only show the stove and the black pipe to the ceiling.  Does anyone have that in their home or do you have any thoughts about planning it that way?  We don't the rustic look. 

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I'm putting in a free standing woodstove in my greatroom. It will be seen from the kitchen and foyer as you enter. I don't have the stove in place yet but everything else is there and it looks great. I say go for it. I did not want the huge price tag of a fireplace so we went this route. I'll post some pics when the house is complete and the stove is hooked up.


Thanks Red, looking forward to see pictures.

Sorry it took so long. Here is a pic of how I did my free standing wood stove. I may still do some kind of mantle behind the stove against the log wall but unsure at the moment. Sorry about the pic being sideways, I can't figure out how to rotate it.


Hi, thank you for the picture. It really looks nice and you will probably be using it soon.  How long have you been in your home?

Is it  a pellett stove. After having many wood stoves we decided to go with pellet.

They began clearing the lot last weekend, very exciting.  They will pour the foundation in a few weeks and start framing next spring. 

We've been in the house only 3 months now. It is a wood burning stove. Many people around here are having issues finding pellets so I would be afraid going that route. 

Not sure where you are building but are you concerned about letting your foundation sit all winter? Good luck with your build and enjoy the process. It's fun and frustrating all at the same time. And take lots of pics!


That's my plan, free standing wood-stove also. It seems to be just another piece of furniture that is natural to the setting in a log home. Something you may want to consider is a soapstone wood burner. Absolutely beautiful and do a great job! Just Google soapstone wood stoves and see all your choices come up.

Here is another style :)

Nice looking stove and I like the stone. Is it wood burning?

Yes wood burning with blower and ash pan below .Stones we gathered from around the yard western NY.


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