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Those fungi appeared on the lowest log on the north side of our log home. That side is not exposed to the sun at all. 

Any advice on how to get rid of it?

How dangerous is it?

Thank you!

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Good morning.

Fungi growing out of the logs is a bad sign. Fungi only grow with ideal conditions, which always include too much moisture. They are usually indicative of some major rot issues, which could lead to some major structural issues. I'd highly recommend you have a log home specialist take a look and give you their opinion on repairs and mitigation going forward.

Your profile says you're in Romania. Is that where the log home is located? If so, I don't know any log home specialists in Romania. If the home is somewhere here in the US, let me know. I'd be happy to get you names of some contractors who can help.

Hope that helps for now!

--- Charis w/ Sashco - - 

Hi Catrinel,

I'm in agreement with Charis, it does look like there's some areas where nature is taking over in the decay process of your logs. I'm not sure what you have available in your area there and how deep the damage goes, but in the US, depending on how deep the decay runs, we'd see some sort of a penetrating Borate product used to prevent further damage (after the existing decay was removed by mechanical means), an epoxy product applied to prevent any more moisture damage, and the check sealed. We see this type of damage much more commonly in homes with no finish on the logs, something that you might consider.


Charis and Brian,

Thank you! Yes, we are in Romania. The house is in the field, the summers are very hot and dry while the winters are cold, but not terribly with an moderate amount of precipitations. 

I will check the local products. There are some big brands in the home-depot type shops and some other brands in the smaller sellers. Will check and see what suits this best.

Forgot to add that there is a lot of vegetation. A hedge a few meters away from the east side while on the north there is grass but no sun. 

Hi again

Could you point me to some products that you use (the borate and epoxy) so I could check them, see the "ingredients" if i can say so and find similar products on our market?

Thank you!

Hi Catrinel,

Shell Guard (in this case the concentrate) would be the Borate recommended for that type of project, and M-Balm is the epoxy/wood consolidator that would create a barrier to protect from air and water penetrating the wood.  Check Mate 2 is our recommended sealant for checks.



Thanks for the info! Log homes are not traditional in Romania. Here people like to build their homes from bricks or Autoclaved aerated concrete (had to search this name on wiki lol). It's a mentality thing. Wood is disconsidered. There are log homes, but in just a very small percentage, most of them as cabins or holiday or hunting homes. 

One more question. Our dogs kennel is made of OSB Oriented strand board. It was stained. However the eastern wall is more exposed to winds and rains and has a tendency of flaking. 

I was wondering if the epoxy paint would work on that also.

This is the eastern wall. Wind blows mostly from east to west so all rain and wind work on that wall mostly. The other 3 walls are fine. Thanks!

Hi Catrinel,

I think I'd lean more to a good quality paint to protect the OSB, as the adhesives used in manufacturing it are not terribly friendly towards adhesion or penetration of normal stains, be they oil or waterborne. 



I'd stay away from an epoxy paint. They're very rigid and will actually flake and peel sooner than a more elastic latex paint. A good quality exterior house paint will probably be best.

--- Charis

So for the OSB you suggest using paint, not the wood stains, correct?

That's what I would recommend. Paint will be more durable. Semi-transparent stains will get broken down by UV more quickly.

Yes, a good quality latex house paint should perform really well.  You may need a primer, depending on what paint you are going to purchase, so check with someone in the paint department or read the labels.

Brian  (


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