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Those fungi appeared on the lowest log on the north side of our log home. That side is not exposed to the sun at all. 

Any advice on how to get rid of it?

How dangerous is it?

Thank you!

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I added here an online translation of a product that shows in google results for Romania

Short description

Bios Wood Total is a PENETRANT product, not a PELICULAR product. This is a biological, organic substance that penetrates the wood fiber very quickly. Bios Wood Total will quickly enter the wood growth rings and from there it will migrate to the entire wood structure. After treatment with Bios Wood Total wood will not shrink and will no longer expand (will not absorb or release moisture). The wood will be totally stable and will not crack.

Bios Wood Total is a combination of cedar oil and liquefied quartz stone in mineral oil solution. Cedar oil is a perfect and completely natural insect-fungicide. Quartz is a silicone solution and mineral oil is the emulsifier that carries the two substances and penetrates the entire wood structure.

Full translation

Sounds like a deep penetrating oil-based stain, which will work well for moisture resistance initially, but will eventually soak into the wood so deeply, the surface will be unprotected from both moisture and UV damage. In addition, sealants - caulking and chinking - will not stick to a surface treated with something like that. So, if you were to ever need to caulk any cracks in the wood, you wouldn't be able to do so. We generally recommend that people stay away from these types of stains for their log homes, although they can perform well on roof shingles and some deck surfaces.

Hope that helps!

--- Charis w/ Sashco - 

It surely helps. Reading the description only is not enough as the description seems fine while people like you who know all treatments pros and cons know what I may encounter. 

I will keep searching other products available on our market and let you know.

Thanks for your support.


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