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We finally finished our log cabin in late 2008; finishing touches last year! Up in the middle of Wisconsin in a nice wooded setting. Last week we heard more 'bumps in the night' than usual... and found gnaw marks on our cabin. Other cabin owners in the area blame porcupines, though I didn't actually see one. How does one keep them from sharpening their teeth on our logs? I was told that pepper sauce does NOT work...


S. Kellar

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Hi Mr. Keller,
I would recommend a product called Bitrex. What the porcupines are after is the salt contained in your wood. The rodents hate the taste of Bitrex so when they bite your would and get a taste of that chemical that should go elsewhere. Bitrex is available on the internet and at many hardware and feed stores. A lot of Co-op type stores also carry it. Good luck!
- Kevin
Has anyone suggested letting some kids have at 'em with a bb gun? :-) Just kidding.....sort of.

I've heard great things about the Bitrex. You might also call your local county extension office. They will often times know what works best in your area and sometimes have worked out special prices with local retailers.
I have no problem with a final solution- it's just that they come around so late at night! I have not found Bitrex for sale on the internet. I might try Home Depot next. It sounds like a good thing to try.
Good Afternoon Scott,

There is a product called (Shake Away) that deter's porcupines, squirrel, rabbit, and skunks.

Try some search engines to find the nearest place to you.

I hope with will help you!

They sell it here apparently.

It is also known under other names. Search it on WIKIPEDIA.ORG.



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