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My significan't other and I are trying to research log home builders locally in Michigan before we research other out of state. I have come across many dealers, some builders, and some that supply and build for you. I cannot however find anything on this company:

Natural Log Cabins

10374 20 mile Rd

  Tustin MI 49688
Has anyone ever used them?
Please let me know if you or someone you know has. Their website, shows some very impressive craftsmanship and very reasonable pricing. My only remark is that the website layout and spelling is subpar...but I'd rather have my builder be exceptional at building than spelling :).
Thanks any help would be much appreciated.

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Replies to This Discussion is their website..

Northern Lights Log Homes is custom, handcrafted log home company that has been building log homes across the United States for over 30 years. We have two locations; East- Massachusetts, West- Montana. You can bring any floor plan or we have several floor plans to choose from.

Hi Madison, I'm sure you can find what you need at where you can design your log home,find a builder,and get a price quote in cedar at competitive pricing and they can spell. Good luck, Jim and Pam Back to Nature Builder/Dealers Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

Madison, "impressive craftsmanship"......I didn't see any....they "mill" all of their logs just like a "kit" log home except there is no tongue and groove joining the logs together.....this is a Handcrafted Log Home you see the difference?


I do not pretend to be a professional, nor an expert critique. So I suppose I should had prefaced my statement with "in my humble opinion", or "it looks like". I do appreciate you pointing me in the direction of another Log Home company in my home state of Michigan! I'm definitely looking into Koski Log Homes.

Thanks again

Hi Madison,

Timeless Wood Care Products, a distributor of log home supplies, has been doing business in Michigan since 1991. We cater to many builders and homeowners alike in Michigan and across the country. If you would like some referrals of local builders in the area feel free to give me a call at 800-564-2987 or message me on this website.

Dave Dikeman

Timeless Wood Care Products, LLC

At least they are hand tooled. It's going to be less costly than hand scribed or Swedish coped. Instead of scribing they cut flat edges. Maybe they use screws every few feet. It looks like the finished homes have Energy Seal or something between the gaps. It's a common thing with chinkless style methods like Swedish Cope, and hand scribing, that the buildings eventually need sealing. Often the entire building will need it. I really don't see a problem or a lack of craftsmanship with Natural Log Cabins. But I would research them pretty well before choosing to purchase from them just like I would from any company.

Kevin, PCS Redmond


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