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Has anyone used or heard anything good/bad about Kuhns Brothers or Sierra Log Homes?

We planning to build our first log home in the next year in Norther California.  Has anyone heard anything good or bad about Kuhns Brothers or Sierra Log Homes?  Or, we'd love any other recommendations for our area!  So much to learn, research, and do!

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We built our Kuhns Brothers home 4 years ago and they were great people to work with. 

Our home in MiWuk, purchased 4 years ago, is a Sierra Log Home Design.  However we bought it from another owner so we didn't interact with Sierra Log Homes.  We find that it is well insulated, staying cool in summer and holds the heat well in winter.  Looking forward to moving into it full time this July.

Hi Cynthia,I am a former Kuhns Brother Log Home Dealer/Builder My experience over a 25 year career has enabled me to build with pine, oak,and cedar. Cedar is superior in every way in terms of iinsulating, material stability, insect resistance,rot resistance and appearance. Other species need kiln drying,presevative applications,insect resistance applications, and other treatments to achieve the natural properties of cedar. As you begin your research please go to and have fun with it.   Jim and Pam Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

Thanks for your advise about using cedar.  I love the look of that wood and will keep your points and company in mind as we continue our planning!!!

We talked with Kuhns Bros. and even attended a plant seminar.  We didn't go with them, not because we discovered something bad about them.  but because another company seemed to better a better fit for us.  What I mean by that is that I could understand their system better and the people with who I spoke seemed to make a better personal connection.

check out Jack Frost Log Home and Design

Thank you all for your responses - so far, nothing but positive feedback and welcome recommendations! 

I built a Kuhns Brothers in 2011 and have nothing but positive words about the process and company.  Everything that was promised was delivered on-time.  I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Hi Cynthia,

Based upon my experience, it would be very wise for you to visit factories, actual home sites and of course get references and referrals from home owners that actually live in one of the homes of the manufacturers you are looking at.  That kept us from making a huge mistake back in 2004, and it amazes me how people will spend such a large sum of money on one of the most important purchases of their lives, without doing the necessary homework.  Be very wise, and select a local builder, properly insured, that LIVES IN A LOG HOME, and don't buy a package from someone that does NOT LIVE IN A LOG HOME!!


Good luck!

Hello Michael, Sounds like you may have had quite a journey to realize your dream. May I ask, Whose product did you build and where ?  Thanx, Jim and Pam Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

Good morning!  We ended up purchasing our log home package from Jim Barna Log Systems, in Oneida, TN.  Although we did not initially intend to do anything other than purchase one home from them, we were so happy with the product and process that people we knew and met during the construction led us to approach Mr. Barna about becoming distributors in Virginia.  Using the same passion and desire to help others that we had been practicing for 30 years in the commercial insurance business, we have now been privileged to have delivered over two dozen homes to our log home customers.  How great it is to be representing Jim Barna Log & Timber Homes, now as one of the owners of what we believe to be the only employee/distributor owned manufacturer in the USA!

Hello.  I live in a log home, have for over 20 years.  I don't represent anyone, so I am not out to make any money.  I have seen several kuhns brothers log homes, and they all have a lot of cracks in the logs.  Now if cracks are something you like, then go for it.  I don't know anything about the Sierra log homes.  If I had it to do over, I would go with the cedar.  I have seen some older cedar homes (Northern white cedar) and they look brand new.  My home is a pine, and it looks like a new home, but it takes a lot of work to keep a pine home looking good.  Cedar seems to be a superior wood, over other species.  The cedar homes just look so much nicer!  Hope this helps!!!


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