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Hi , i am new to this site, currently i am thinking about purchasing my first log home, but i am scared of the maintenance and up keep, can anyone help me out and give me some advice on the maintenance of log homes

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Hi Austin - I've had my log home for 23 years now and the insight I would offer on the maintenance of log homes is that if you start off right, you'll wind up doing minimal maintenance.  Start by designing your home with minimum of 2' overhangs on roof rakes and eves, and a subfloor that is minimum 18"-24" off FINAL GRADE.  This will help keep your base logs and your foundation dry which is key to any type of home.  Porches will keep the weather and sun off log walls helping reduce maintenance and the use of gutter and downspouts will keep water away from the home and foundation.  No matter which exterior finish you plan to use, READ their surface preparation requirements.  All the ones I've read state that you'll need to remove "mill glaze" in order for the product to penetrate properly.  If you properly clean and prepare the wood surface the first time, the product should perform well.  Future maintenance should only include a washing of the log wall before applying the next application of product.  As for the rest of the house, yes someone will need to sweep and clean the porches, wash windows, check gutters, keep the debris off of the roof, clean the chimney (if you have one), etc. just like any other home.  So for your exterior maintenance, design for lower maintenance, properly prepare the wood surfaces before applying a finish, apply the finish as the manufacturer describes and maintain the finish as the manufacturer describes.  Using good quality exterior finishes, ones designed for log homes, will be key as well.  Good luck with you new log home and welcome to Living the Log Home Life.  We LOVE it!

My experiences with the log company, their preferred builder, the quality of products and services, have all been very disappointing. I would be happy to share more information with you, if desired. My best advice is "buyer beware" and be fully aware of the costs of the ongoing maintenance, especially if poor products are used to begin with. Best regards, Kathryn.

Also a rule of thumb, the the kit is approx only 1/4 the cost of the total project. Of course, taste, quality and market conditions make this variable. Good luck.

Where are you thinking of purchasing a log home?  If you are in Colorado we can help and take the fear out of log home maintenance:

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Also visit our portfolio gallery website with lots of start --> finish log home maintenance projects:


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