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Hi everyone,

well I waited two years and gave my log home a second coat of honey guard 2000. It turned my logs very dark instead of the gold color I was told it would.

 I do not know if ot will lighten up or not. Has anyone else had this issue. I am very disastified with the darkened logs. Any suggestions besides stripping off the stain and starting over?

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Ray, Your logs had to turn darker as you added more pigment to the surface. Most log home stain companies use clear uv as the topcoat and reapply when the logs get dingy looking.

The Woodguard you applied will lighten after a couple of weeks. Woodguard is not only an oil base, but it is basically that.... a thin oil with pigment added. 'Hang tight, you will be fine in a fortnight or two.

What steps did you take to prep the wood prior to applying the product?

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I was wondering how this turned out? We are using Wood Guard Honey 2000, ourselves. We've cleaned the walls with X180, sanded, and now are ready for staining. We've stained one smaller wall and are in a bit of a second-guess mode, for the reason Ray posted. We're now concerned that when we do our second coat next year it'll be too dark.

I'm interesting in hearing how this turned out! Especially before we do any more staining...
X-180 is an acid used for brightening, but it is not a cleaner that will kill mildew. You need to apply an alkaline cleaner (percarbonate) before you apply that acid....

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Love it
Do you have pictures you can upload? Posting pictures will get you a wider variety of responses.

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