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Hi, I and my wife are working full time. I mean we work more than forty hours a week. We have two little children and one is just 9 months old. So there is always clutter in our house I mean how the hell we will find time to clean the house?

Hence now we are thinking about hiring someone to clean the house. If we do that we could save a good amount of time to do something else. Now we are killing a lot of time every weekend to just make the house in livable condition. We could spend all that time to spend together as a family.

We need someone to come once in a week to clean the house. And when a searched on the web, I found a good quality cleaning service in Oakville that provides weekly cleaning. I think they're really good but I have no idea about the rate.

My house is more than 2500 sq. ft log house with maple wood flooring and we have two dogs. I know the rate varies by location, company, etc. But if you can give an approximate rate, it will be really helpful.

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